" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 10, 2016

Another Orb at the Byron Bay Writer's Festival?

I was about to put together a post about my favourite artworks that I encountered at the 2016 Byron Bay Writer's Festival and realized that I had captured a green orb on my iPod camera (not to mention a pink Valis beam coming from the big orb in the sky;-) in one of my favourite shots of the festival...and one of the very rare occasions the sun made an appearance at the festival in the three days I was there.
The photo of the orb blown up, pictured above and below

The funny thing though that I think this waterhole is where I snapped my first orb with my old cell phone at a writer's festival pictured in this post in the red link below -
Orbs, Plasmas and Dreamtime?
The weird thing was while I didn't see this green orb on the day, I did have what I thought was a spiritual encounter with a butcher bird just after taking this photo that was in a tree right near where this photo was taken. 
The butcher bird sitting in a tree near an artwork featuring a butcher bird

The artwork by Peter Day with a butcher bird at the front of the boat

The artwork with the butcher bird was called 'Adrift'

The real thing, a living butcher bird in a nearby tree

I saw the real butcher bird in the tree nearby as I had just finished taking the photos pictured above of the artwork with the fake butcher bird riding in the front of the canoe. 
We locked eyes and to me it felt like some kind of communion between us, a silent but spiritual communication where we knew we were from the same fundamental life-force...well that's how I felt at the time of our meeting anyway.
I thought it was funny seeing the bird near the artwork and thought it must have been hanging around thinking the bird in the artwork was another real butcher bird.
I didn't think much more about our meeting and went off to the food tent to grab a Margherita pizza for brunch.
And my bird friend must have spotted me from that tree that was quite a distance away from this tent I sat down to have a bite to eat.
My new friend flew to the chair opposite me and gazed into my eyes like it was looking into my soul and I into it's soul.
The bird then got on the table and just looked at me while I was trying to eat my pizza, so I felt guilty not offering my friend some food, so I broke of a few crumbs and threw them in front of me.  
We were breaking bread together, so we were really in communion now, if we weren't already before;-) 
I never saw this bird again for the rest of the festival, but I did run into some other birds later on during the festival, but that's for a future post.
This butcher bird reminded me of one I met in Brisbane last year and wrote about in the post in the red link below - 
People Places Things...and Bricks
Butcher birds must have a thing for pizza, I think. 

UPDATE: 13th August, 2016
Dylan O'Donnell's photo of the Cape Byron lighthouse and the night sky
Byron Bay backyard astronomer's photos spark NASA interest 
I was reading this news story today and noticed the green orb in Dylan O'Donnell's photo of the Cape Byron lighthouse, and had to laugh as the platform he took that photo from is the same platform from where I threw my wedding ring into the sea, which I wrote about in this post -
Love on the Rocks...A Fool's Journey?

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