" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 3, 2016

The Inter-dimensional War of the Worlds?

The H.G.Wells story of 'The War of the Worlds' has come at me from a few different directions lately, so I decided when I read a recent blog post over at The Secret Sun blog and the Tom Cruise version was mentioned that I should rent it on DVD.
I, having just returned from a road-trip to Tasmania, the Australian state that inspired Wells to write his story of space invaders, because of the genocide of the indigenous population that took place under the British invasion of the island, and me having just read  
Jeff Kripal's book 'Authors of the Impossible', where Jeff mentions Wells inspiration for writing 'The War of the Worlds' also, got me to thinking about writing a post about it, but this post here isn't it.
This post is about my theory that the subtext in this Tom Cruise movie is about an inter-dimensional invasion, rather than an outer space invasion of aliens. 
So, here is the mandatory SPOILER ALERT WARNING, if you haven't seen the film yet and a fair use clause, as I want to argue my case by taking screen shots with subtitles to back up my argument that this version of Wells' story is about an inter-dimensional invasion, rather than an outer-space invasion of aliens.
Know what I'm saying here?-)

Miranda Otto
First off I'd just like to point out that Ray's (Tom Cruise) kids in this movie are to another red-headed Australian actress from my hometown (Brisbane), Miranda Otto. :-) 
A train smashing into a car on a TV channel surf in the movie
One other thing before I begin is that Chris mentions in a comment to me in his post -
Stranger Things: Blowback and the Deep State
a train crash happening in real life where a burning train appears in the movie
 "War of the Worlds is a very underappreciated film and certainly is chock full of heavy sync action for Secret Sun readers. I really recommend you read this post too. "
 I told Chris that I remembered seeing a train crash on the news like that and worried because my youngest son and his girlfriend were in New York that day and making their way to Montauk by train to walk on the beach.
My youngest son's holiday snap of Montauk beach

The train on fire in the TC movie, 'War of the Worlds'
The Steven Spielberg movie version starts off with a rant about world empire and then cuts to Ray (Tom Cruise) unloading shipping containers in New York.
You know what they say about the empire that rules the sea rules the world, right?-) 
Another thing that I learned from reading Chis Knowles' blog is that having green eyes is a marker of being an alien hybrid in UFO lore, which I find amusing, as I have green eyes myself, but so does Tom Cruise, which seems to me ironic that an alien hybrid is trying to save the world from an alien attack. :-)
Green Eyes, a Marker of Alien Hybridity?!
Tom Cruise has green eyes...see?
Maybe I've read one too many of Jeff Kripal's books lately, but here is why I think the subtext, if not THE text is about an inter-dimensional attack, rather than an attack from conventional space.
Ray(of light?-) lives under a bridge, which might just be an analogy of a bridge between two dimensions. 
Anyone into shamanism knows that a lot of shamans get their ability to communicate with "other worlds" after being hit by lightning at some point in their life prior to becoming a shaman.
The fact that it hits by the church seems to me to elude that it is an attack from other worldly dimensions more in line with some kind of spiritual dimension made somehow physically real in this dimension.
Have a listen to the dialogue in this movie (or put the subtitles on and watch), it's almost like watching some kind of religious movie with references seemingly thrown in randomly about God, hell, Jesus, etc.
In fact, these aliens emerge from underground (hell?) and start their attack and split the church in two. 
That's one HELL of a magic circle, don't you think?-)
Tom Cruise in 'Eyes Wide Shut'
Attack on the Church in 'War of the Worlds'
RAY of light?
Ray Man?-) Maybe just a reference to 'Rainman', right?-)
Take this bread, for I am the life, or just a wink to 'Rainman'?-)


Oh, and by the way, why the big deal about the lightning striking 26 times, and why is there 26 authors in each edition of  

'The SYNC Book'?
Just thought I'd throw that in for a bit of a mind f#ck to all you
Sync-heads out there. ;-)
Is it really 10 past 10 like that clock's hands are showing in the window?
There is also a lot of shots in this movie filmed looking into mirrors, or reflective surfaces, as if to give the movie that 
'Through the Looking Glass' type feel, I thought.
And is that clock actually showing the right time in that last shot above, or is it just set on the time you see displayed in all those watch ads in magazines?
Hey, what's the time Ray?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the biggest RAY of all?-)

Time for some more reflection?-)

There are a HELL of a lot of basement scenes in this movie

Let's not forget that Tom Cruise's  character  is named Ray Ferrier...but I wouldn't pay him until he gets you to the other side. ;-) 
Notice Ray's (white light spectrum?) daughter wears a rainbow jumper? 42?
We're not in Kansas anymore, are we?-)
Shades of 'Donnie Darko' maybe?
On the subject of Hiroshima, didn't Steven Spielberg have something to do with the 'Back to the Future' trilogy?-) 
Back to the Future: The Massive Speaker is Meant to be the Bomb that was Dropped on Hiroshima at 8:15
This movie had a very Fortean quality to I think. ;-)
I had used all except peach labels. 
I pasted the peach labels on peach cans, and then came to apricots. 
Well, aren't apricots peaches? 
And there are plums that are virtually apricots. 
I went on, either mischievously, or scientifically, pasting the peach labels on cans of plums, cherries, string beans, and succotash. 
I can't quite define my motive, because to this day it has not been decided whether I am a humourist or a scientist. 
I think that it was mischief, but, as we go along, there will come a more respectful recognition that also it was scientific procedure.
Charles Fort, Wild Talents
Another thing I noticed was it was the shamanic totem bird of the crow, or the messenger bird of the void that alerted the Ray Ferrier that the shields were down on the alien spacecraft. 
Crows are also the messengers of the dead in some traditions.
But, in the end 'War of the Worlds' is just a film, right?-)
Film: A thin skin, or membrane?

I do find it ironic while on the subject of 'Authors of the Impossible', that Tom Cruise is a follower of a science fiction writer's religious teachings, who to me pinched a lot of his ideas (among various other things) from Jack Parsons, one of the inventors of the modern day rocket and human space travel.
And Jack Parsons was a follower of Alister Crowley, as well.
Alister Crowley
Practicing a bit of magik to protect themselves here?
I once read L.Ron Hubbard's book Dianetics to see what it was about, but it all seemed like another science fiction book to me.
Whatever floats your boat though, I guess.

I'm off to the Byron Bay Writer's Festival this weekend, so hopefully I'll be able to write more posts about some authors of the impossible I might run into there.


Dennis/87 said...

Great synchs! Dennis

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Fascinating! I enjoyed the cruise version of war of the worlds. Now I'm going to have to watch it again and be alert for the synchs you mention here.