" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 3, 2018

More Ludacris Synchs for 2018?

Born on 9/11, 1977?!
I wrote a post about Christopher Brian Bridges, or 
Ludacris as he is now known, starring in 'Furious 7' back in 2015, the death of Paul Walker and the weirdness surrounding all that -
Ludacris Furious 7 Synchs?
Starring Ludacris 
Ludacris came to my attention again when I was reading through a list of past 'Best Picture' Oscar winners that was next to a picture of Margot Robbie in my local Queensland paper as I was working on my Margot Robbie post -
Tate, Tarantino, Meter-maids and the Gold Coast?
Christopher Knowles at 'The Secret Sun' blog had brought the themes of Vegas, mermaids and sirens and Tim Buckley's seemingly cursed 'Song to the Siren' to my attention and all of the eerie coincidences swimming around in the pop culture related to those themes.
I'm not at all suggesting that people like Margot and Ludicris are some kind of Illuminati puppet ... like I am;-)
That was meant to be a joke, but I'm sure that there are nut-bags reading this blog that think I am an Illuminati puppet who is part of an evil army trying to take over your flat earth.
That was a joke too, but less of a joke than my first one, because there are nut-bags out there who would believe in all of that crap.
I'm just pointing out the weirdness surrounding pop-cultural figures and events in a Jungian "collective unconscious" level.
Not to say that there can't be manipulation by human beings in some areas of life, but no group of humans are capable of pulling off all of the weirdness going on in the world around us all right now.
I started looking through the Best Picture Oscar winners that was next to a picture of Margot Robbie, because I thought it was rather amusing that Margot got nominated in the 'Best Actress' Oscar category between two super-moons in the same month and last year's 'Best Picture' Oscar winner was 'Moonlight'.
As I went down the list, I came to a movie called 'Crash' and I confused it with the David Cronenberg movie of the same name, which I was sure never even got an Oscar nomination, never mind a 'Best Picture' Oscar.
I started thinking I was going mad ... OK madder, for you readers who already thought I was;-)
I had read of people taking about the "Mandela Effect" -
Phil Collins Rides the Mandela Effect Wave
Which to me is barely more credible than the "Flat Earth" theory, but I was truly worried here to think that Cronenberg's sick movie took out the top movie award of the 2004 Oscars, something I was sure I would have remembered.
Turns out it was another 'Crash' movie directed by Paul Haggis, who is fighting a rape charge in court right now.
Paul Haggis has 13 director credits on his IMDB page right now, too.
That sounds lucky, doesn't it? 
I had seen that movie back in 2004, but I had just forgotten about it.
Thank heavens it wasn't the "Mandela Effect" after all.
And when I watched the trailer to refresh my memory, I saw that it starred Ludacris who was famous for starring in the Fast and Furious movies.
When I looked up to see what recent movies Ludicris had or was going to star in I saw a movie called 'Show Dogs', which was due for release in the Chinese 'Year of the Dog'.
Ludicris, who was born on 9/11, 1977 plays "Max, a macho, solitary Rottweiler police dog who is ordered to go undercover as a primped show dog in a prestigious Dog Show in Las Vegas, along with his human partner, to avert a disaster from happening."
The Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas 
in the
'Show Dogs' trailer
As I watched the trailer for 'Show Dogs' the dog that Ludicris does the voice for drives past the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas, where a shooter shot around 50 people dead at an outdoor music concert.
Now there is a disaster I would have liked to see Max the police dog avert.
And if all of those synchronicities weren't Ludicris enough the revue of Margot Robbie's movie she was nominated for on Oscar night was reviewed in the same paper on page 42 with the headline 'Turbo-charged Lies Fine way to Tell Tale'.
A turbo-charged ice-skating movie reviewed next to another headline that read 'Not a Bad Rap'?
It all sounds Ludicris, right?
Oh, I almost forgot to mention Delia Sheppard who was born on July 29, 1960, in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Yeah, Copenhagen the home of the Little Mermaid statue.
Delia plays 'Faye the Socialite' in 'Show Dogs' and has played parts in other Las Vegas themed movies, such as 'Vampire in Vegas' and 'What Happens in Vegas'.
Not to mention some other interesting movies and themes.
Blonde Woman at tryouts (uncredited)
Delia plays Dolores in this one
Delia Sheppard as Candy Faraday
Delia Sheppard as Lisa
Delia as a Highroller (uncredited)
FBI Agent / High Roller (uncredited)
So, I guess you could say that Delia Sheppard is channeling the siren and Vegas with her screen roles whether she knows it or not.
But you would have to read through Chris Knowles posts at 'The Secret Sun' blog and decide for yourself I guess -
Showing posts with label The Siren
And just keep telling yourself it all seems Ludicris;-)

UPDATE: 3rd Febraury, 2018
Football Federation Australia under fire for E-League player's 'Grim_rap_er' username?
Ludacris, right?

UPDATE: 2018
Dead Ringers?!

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