" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 21, 2012

Another Dark Story to My Favourite Bridge

Jason Lees
This story proves that not all syncs are good ones.
 The Truth Behind Jason Lees Suicide Murder Unfolds
"Finally, it was confirmed that Jason Lees, who committed suicide after killing his own son by throwing him off of the Brisbane's Story Bridge, was facing relationship problems.
While friends and families continued paying tribute to the late highly-regarded teacher and his son Brad, it was figured out that Mr. Lees was having some relationship issues with his wife Danielle." 
I wrote about my day under the bridge in the post,
Story About a Bridge 
and used the photos I took from my cell phone.
I love this bridge, but it does have a dark side.
About four people a year on average take their own life by jumping off it.
Usually they do it on the other side of the river, because there is solid concrete there.
But since I took these photos, these tragedies (murder/suicides) have occurred right where I took those photos in my initial posts.
I could not get the thought out of my head that day I took the photos that someone was going to jump onto me, to end their life in that spot I was standing in.
It got to the stage where I wouldn't walk under the bridge without looking up, in case someone did jump on me and take me out with them.
I could not shake the thought that on both sides of the pillions there was tragic ground.
I thought maybe I was picking up some ghostly memories from past jumpers, but I had never heard of jumpers losing their lives in these spots. 
Although I'm sure there have been ... it's a very old bridge.
But in the space of probably not even two years, there have been two very tragic murder/suicides with the jumpers landing in the two spots that sent eerie chills down my spine and a compulsion for me to get out of those spots, just in case, on the day I was there.
Police on Story Bridge in Brisbane where a woman climbed the railings and jumped
Sidonie Thompson axe murder: Violent death of schoolgirl who had big dreams 
 "The victim of what is suspected to be a murder-suicide yesterday at her home in the affluent suburb of Paddington, in Brisbane's inner-west, the Year 10 Sommerville House student had dreamed of being a neurosurgeon.
The discovery was made by her father, who had returned home from a game of tennis about 7am to find the lifeless body of his only daughter and his only son missing.
He found his daughter's body in her bedroom suffering slash wounds believed to be caused by an axe. Neighbours reported hearing screams about 6.30am.
Across town, at about the same time, traffic was banked up around the Story Bridge after Sidonie's 48-year-old mother stopped her car on the side of the road - with her 12-year-old son inside it - and jumped to her death.
"It looked like it was just a broken-down car, I think she just flicked on the hazard lights and off she went to jump over the bridge," a witness said."
I did an update on my bridge story here last year when the first murder suicide occurred,
Darkside of the Bridge
And in some dark syncs the murdered girls name was Sidonie, and my middle name is Sydney.
Sydney of course being famous for its harbour bridge worldwide.
The man who took his life yesterday was named Jason Lees and in one of the most precognitive movies I have ever watched, which I've written a fair bit about on this blog, Jason Scott Lee played the tragic Bruce Lee in Dragon:The Bruce Lee Story.
"Dragon" Movie '93 - Brandon's Death - Precognition??? 
And Jason Lees took his life and that of his son in  
2012-The Year of the Dragon.
Not all syncs are good unfortunately. 


  1. You're right, absolutely. Nogt all of them are good. But all of them carry a message of one kind or another. it would be smart for the Brisbane bureaucrats to heed that message.

  2. They do have a point though.If you ever visit Brisbane you'll see that there are cliffs just up the road from the bridge where these people could have,and probably would have done the same thing.In fact there are cliffs just as high all around the place.
    If people are going to jump nothing will really stop them.That's the real tragedy.
    I used to love sitting under bridge watching the boats go past and the traffic pass over the bridge and I'm sure I still would,but I would not be able to sit under there now without thinking about these tragic deaths.

  3. What a sad story. All synchros aren't good by any means - as with everything there are two extremes, that sometimes aren't really so far apart.