" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 7, 2012

"Gratitude" Rocks!

When I was at the Woodford Folk-fest last year, I came across a lady named De Greer-Yindimincarlie selling these attractive
I was drawn to the two pictured above and couldn't decide which one I wanted the most, although if I had to make a choice it would have been the Campsite one over the Boomerang one.
But to save me making that choice I bought them both.
De asked me why I chose them, and I really didn't know on a conscious level myself.
The Campsite one I liked because of the concentric rings, or ripples ... and it also reminded me of the old speaker pattern on the old household telephones I grew up with as a child.
 Plus, I love that blue colour on the rock.
De told me this rock represented 'communication' and meant I was drawn towards communicating with people, or that was where I would find my strength.
I thought there was a great ring of truth to what she was saying (pardon the puns)
about this rock, although at the same time I shun the limelight like a vampire shuns daylight.
I couldn't think of a life much worse than being in the public eye, like movie stars, authors and musicians are.
I love solitude and privacy and just living the way I want to live, without the public scrutinizing me. 
At the same time, I like to create with and chat to others of like mind, whether they be famous, or not.
So, I found this rock intriguing to say the least  .
The Boomerang I liked because it reminded me of a spaceship flying in the night sky with portholes.
De told me the Boomerang rock meant that there was something in my life that I wanted to throw away.
 I told her that the only thing I could think of was my job.
When it comes to my job I feel like the boomerang always returning to a place that makes me want to throw up (a pun on boomerangs there ... sorry;-).
My work locker
The card inside the plastic packet the rock comes in says;
Gratitude provides gifts to both the giver and receiver.  
You may be grateful for anything:  your job, your family, your health, your friends, the good weather, or the world around you.  
This process of feeling gratitude is very simple.  
Keep your gratitude flowing and be open to receive.  
The universe will help you with the rest.  
After all, the secret to happiness is gratitude.
I can't argue with that. 
De also sold these cards to me, which she designed herself.
I was drawn to the sun symbol.
Me, in the Centre
I wonder why?-)
On her website;
she explains "This game pack is for all ages, and serves as an educational resource which is a perfect tool to learn about Aboriginal culture and symbols.  
The game pack consists of 36 cards which you use to play an assortment of games such as Hunt, Gather and Catch 
(memory, fish and snap).  
The game pack was designed by De due to a lack of Aboriginal resources to educate young children about symbols and culture.  
It is a great little pack to have and will be enjoyed by all who play it."
De also is a great painter,and you can see some of her fantastic paintings by clicking on this link;
De is also a musician ... this I didn't know until I got home and went to her website. 
which tells me;
"De has been a musician for over 20 years, this album is a burst back onto the music scene after De retired from music in 2002.  
The album is easy listening, and was recorded by De in her own studio.  
De wrote, and Co-wrote all the songs on the album."
I also found her Bunya Guitar Project interesting
I am really grateful I ran into De at Woodford.
She is truly one of the great souls, doing important work on this planet. 

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