" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 25, 2012

Universal Placebos - Nothing Works Better

I have a bottle of sugar pills sitting on my bookcase that look like pills you would get from any medical doctor.
They're called Universal Placebos and have an orange orb with wings, crowned by the infinity symbol on the front of the bottle and the saying underneath "I shall please".
I bought these from a shop in Sydney a couple of years ago and thought it would be a good idea to put a bottle in the medicine cabinet,  just as a re(mind)er that nothing works quite as well as the power of the mind.
You might argue that in your mind you don't believe this to be which case I've proven my point ;- )
I picked up the bottle of pills from my shelf a few weeks ago and couldn't help thinking just how much the flying orange orb looked like the orb I photographed at the  Byron Bay Writer's Festival last August (photo above).
Now here's an odd "coincidence",even though I purchased these pills through the mail from a shop in Sydney, when looking on the side of the bottle I noticed that they are made in a town called Mullumbimby...which is literally just over the horizon in the above photo.
Now, some people would be laughing at the thought that an orb photo has any real bearing in reality, and that it is just a placebo effect on film pretty much anyway.
Maybe they're right? 
Maybe it was just the angle of light hitting the lens from the sun, creating the illusion of an angelic type spirit that I imagined was walking/ flying beside me on my walk along the beach at Byron Bay? 
One thing I know is that if I could put that feeling into a pill and sell it, I would be a trillionaire in a month;- )
The fact is whether the orb is a visual illusion, or not, to me it is a visual representation of what I felt, so to me it is real. 
And the fact that I pick up a bottle of placebo pills months after and read the fine print and see that they were made just over the horizon where I captured, what looks like to me, an orange orb winged flying thing, like on the label of the pill bottle, just bowls me over.
Especially since I'm reading The Holographic Universe and am reading about placebo effects.
I'm only up to page 111, which is not even half way through the book, but I would highly recommend this book to anyone.
Even though it can become a slog in places, it is well worth the read.
The tragic irony though is that Michael Talbot wrote about all of these cases of cancer patients using the power of the mind to heal themselves, but he couldn't save himself using the mind, and lost his own life to cancer. 
A test that I wouldn't like to try to pass, either, to be honest.
But he has left a fine legacy by writing this book.
While he didn't succeed in curing himself there have been many, many remarkable stories of people who have, and not just in his book.
One guy was Ian Gawler
And there are a multitude of lesser ailments that have shown how powerful the mind is also.
You can see more fascinating clips on the placebo effect if you click on this link;
The Labyrinth at The Crystal Castle, Mullumbimby.
Now here's a bunch of syncs from this past year of my sync weirdness for those game enough to walk the sync labyrinth...don't get lost now;- )
I wrote about these strange syncs last year, between myself and Trish MacGregor and the green frog with the red eyes;
The Green Frog With The Red Eyes  
Well, The Crystal Castle is located 7km outside Mullumbimby in the surrounding hills, and here is an interesting sync that wasn't so apparent at the time -
Holographic image of Kwan Yin.
Although I did write about it in this long winded post about my trip to The Crystal Castle,
Sychronistic Sunday Surprizes
I bought a hologram (The Holographic Universe?) of Kwan Yin, which is the Chinese equivalent of the Virgin Mary (in a very rough way), from the same shop that I bought the frog with the red eyes.
I haven't seen a live green frog in ages, but we've had a lot of wet weather in the last fortnight and what should turn up on our glass sliding door like it wanted to get in, or be seen?
A green tree frog!!!
Even the frog looks like a holographic frog, through the glass sliding door.
My brother-in-law bought my family a holographic photo he had made up, from a photo of his mother and father, which was taken of them together when his father was still alive.
It's a rectangle of glass with a holographic photo in it that sits on a black wooden rectangle with lights in it to project the light through the image. 
The above photos don't really do it justice, because when viewed in real life it looks eerily lifelike.  
It's the next best thing to a ghost.
My wife likes to leave it on all night, as a ghostly nightlight.
To me though, reading The Holographic Universe, I couldn't think of a better representation of that tittle, than to see a hologram of one living person and one "dead" person sharing the same space in a hologram.
And here is one more little sync.
The post where all the green frog syncs started to happen for me was this post,
Time, Space, and Costa Rica
as I mentioned further up this post.
But one thing that struck me now, is that Trish took a photo of an active volcano that dominated her views on her vacation in Costa Rica.
Trish's photo of the Costa Rician volcano from her motel room.
But the town I talked about above - Mullumbimby, lies at the foot of an extinct volcano which dominates the scenery when approaching the town.
Mt.Chincogan at the foot of Mullumbimby, as you drive into town.
So, the sync has come full circle...or maybe just almost full spiral ;- )
DVD - The Road to Mullumbimby with Len Hend
Is that a green frog with red eyes I see staring at this painting on the link above?

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  1. Page 111? What's that tell you? Talbot's book is one of the definitive nature of reality books, in my not so humble opinion. I'm just sorry he checked out early. Imagine what his future works might have been like.