" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 12, 2012

My Buddha Fetish

One of my Buddhas on my buffet.
I was reading a post at Mike Perry's blog a few days ago called  
The Buddha Coincidence Connection Story,
which made me think that I've been doing essentially the same thing as Mike.
I'm not a Buddhist either, although there is a lot about Buddhism I like.
Top shelf Buddha, that one ;- )
I've got them tucked away on just about every bookshelf in my computer room.
With a football team like mine, this is obviously not a lucky Buddha ;- )
And I would have a lot my around the house, if only I was in charge ;- )
My Golden Scarab Buddha.
This one above I bought from a shop in Bangalow in NSW.
I call it the "Golden Scarab Buddha"
It looks like a cross between a Buddha and a golden scarab beetle.
A handy Buddha to have on the shelf.
This one (above) I got from my mates at Bear's Old Wares.
Not the Grateful Dead bear though, only the Buddha.
I bought the "Deady Bear" from The Hippy Shop on line from New York.
Some Buddhas I even wear around, like this one on the T-shirt I wore to the Woodford Folk-fest.
So, I guess there is one more thing Mike and I have in common, the comfort of having Buddhas around the home.
I almost forgot this one pictured above.


  1. Like the pics - an interesting selection! I just like having the Buddhas around. As I said in the post you mention I now believe my maternal granddad was a Buddhist - I never knew him, he died way before I was born and was a lot older than my grandmother. Perhaps Buddha is therefore in my genes.

  2. You two, as I've said before, are spiritual brothers. What I love about this post is the Buddha presence and, therefore, everything that Buddha represents.

  3. I see the Giraffe, I also see you got him eating...

    I got this Buddha in 1997-8 from a plaster craft store (It's since closed down) and painted it myself... No lie, it was on top of my Sync Book here on one of my bookshelves like this.... peep the surrounding books....

    This little guy I rescued from a rich peoples mall in VA/DV like 3 weeks ago.... I have gray on him cause I am in the process of repainting him... I think this is a pose to ward off "evil"....