" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 16, 2012

Dr.Kirby's Practical Enlightenment Theory
From the book Synchronicity by Dr.Kirby Surprise;
"Synchronicity is a tool of self-knowledge and a new awareness just wasn't, well enticing enough.
So, I spent some time thinking about how to make synchronicity seem interesting.
It felt a bit comical, like trying to figure out how to make water interesting to fish; they already swim in it but probably don't actually think about it that much.
Here's what I came up with to get you interested:
Most of my life, I have been a spiritual tourist.
Like many curious people with the access to information, I have wandered, however shallowly, down the spiritual paths left behind by other people and cultures.
I have been a consumer of many spiritual goods, follower of many wonderful and silly fads in consciousness, been taken by, and taken in by, both the traditional and the new.
I'm pretty lazy and impatient when it comes to the claims of the spiritual achievement and promises of becoming a master of consciousness.
I don't want to practice something for years before seeing results.
I don't have the faith to wait lifetimes for liberation while practicing devotions, or the purity to wait for my rewards in heaven.
I never achieved enough trust to place my life and belief unquestionably in the hand of a spiritual master, no matter how well endorsed and commercialized the workshops and retreats.
Yup, I'm a westernized consumer.
I want it now, I want it cheap, and I want it easy.
As a psychologist, I'm dogmatically research-orientated.
If you think something is an effective therapy, show me the research.
If someone tells me something works, even if  they don't know why, demonstrate it. 
Sooner would be better than later; I grew up watching TV and get bored with things longer than a commercial break that don't seem to be going anywhere.
Sad but true.
Enter synchronicity.
Synchronicity works.
If you realize it exists, and look for it, you find it.
There's no complex philosophy needed, it's as simple as a mirror.
It works now, just start looking.
If you haven't already experienced synchronistic events in your life before, or started experiencing it since you started reading this book, I'd be very surprised.
There is no esoteric discipline, no teacher to sit at the feet of, and, horror of horrors, no money to spend.
Synchronicity offers a window of self-discovery that works best 
in the context of the life you already live.
 Before synchronistic events, you chop wood and carry water.
 After synchronistic events, you chop wood and carry water.
Synchronistic events demonstrates your connectedness; they are a mini-satori.
Synchronistic events remind you of your essential connection to the whole.
If you choose to use synchronistic events to walk a spiritual path toward being one with the universe, take care. 
Synchronistic events will reflect any spiritual fantasy you choose to entertain.
You can create moments when every event in the universe seems to align with your thoughts and emotions.
All lines and boundaries seem to have been erased; these moments seem perfect, infinite, and eternal.
In the next moment you realize that  you have to use the bathroom, the shopping has to be done, and you forgot to call the phone company to check on that problem with the monthly bill. Synchronistic events, like enlightenment, includes the details of everyday life."
""Where did that goldfish go now?""


  1. I would think Dr.Kirby Surprise sums up many 'seekers', including myself at times. We don't feel we have the time to concentrate on one ideal or way that may take years to come to fruition. And we're probably not absolutely sure if, whatever it is, will definitely 'work' in the first place.

    What we overlook is that we have eternity in front of us - and maybe even behind, sideways or up and down as well.

  2. I like some things about his book. His style is easy to read. But I like your post about the book better than the book!

    1. But all the orange words are straight out of his book,only the blue words are mine (all 7 of them.-)
      The illustrations that I found on the net may have given it something a little bit extra,but it is pretty much right out of his book.
      It just struck a cord with me,so I posted that section to see what others thought.
      Hang on...I think his lawyers are knocking at my front door now.-)

      I didn't like his book at first,but after giving it a chance (I'm only half way through at the moment)I'm really starting to like what I'm reading...still not agreeing with everything he says though,but it is an important book on the subject,I think.

  3. Today the filmmaker working on his video/documentary The Holy Gift sent out an email sounding downhearted, asking his donators for advice. Keeping in fashion I quickly responded "Spiral out. Keep going."

    He thanked me :)

    Glad I took your advice to look up SEs. What do you, in 2016, now make of Dr. Kirby's theory?

  4. For those wondering about my "all the orange words are straight out of his book" comment to Trish above, I later changed the orange words to purple to make to easier to read them.
    They originally were orange to go with Kirby's goldfish analogy.
    As to what I think of Kirby's book in 2016 Occult Fan, it's a good read, but incomplete I feel in that Kirby seems to put the emphasis on the individual when it comes to synchronicities and their generation (or at least that's how the book comes across to me)but to me it is what you are (we all are connected to) connected to that generates them.
    The more in touch with that "Collective Consciousness" you are, the more synchronicites will makes sense as a collective mechanism to start seeing of whole puzzle fitting together.
    People like Kirby will be lost in the puzzle marveling at the SEs that "they are generating" and thinking their puzzle pieces are somehow a complete puzzle within themselves.
    Kirby's work, although important has got a long way to go, in my has my work.
    The path is a long and interesting one, too long for any one individual to walk it on their own.
    Happy trails.