" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 26, 2012

Russian Dolls And Syncing Beatles

My son's Beatles Russian Dolls on his bookcase
I had just finished reading Synchronicity by Dr.Kirby Surprise and have just started reading Neil Kramer's new book The Unfoldment.
I didn't know a lot about Neil, all I've read of his work was a chapter he wrote in The SYNC Book, so I Googled the net for some audio interviews or You Tubes of his.
I came across this pod-cast called Russian Dolls on a site 
called C-Realm.
The interview is about his book and it is a rather good interview without spoiling the book for those, like myself, who are about to read it.
The funny thing is that he speaks like one of The Beatles, and last week I booked tickets for my son and I to see The Beatles movie, Magical Mystery Tour, which is screening for one day only, which is tomorrow. 
The other funny thing here is that my son has a set of  The Beatles Russian Dolls sitting on his bookcase shelf.
I was only reading a couple of days ago in Dr.Kirby's book,a chapter titled Mystery Tour, which is about a metaphorical bus trip through synchronicity, which I feel is an obvious reference to 
The Beatles movie of a similar name, which I just happen to be seeing tomorrow.
Now, just as I was typing that above sentence, while listening to the Russian Dolls podcast on C-Realm, it hit the 42 min mark and Neil said -  
"...or you walk into a venue to see a band, and you think this just feels cool..."
 Which is also funny, because I had just listened to him on a pod-cast he recorded the other day at 42 minutes about his book, before I had decided to listen to Russian Dolls again in the background while working on this post.

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