" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 28, 2012

Thinking Outside of Time (or the Box)

Why I really wrote this post was to explain ... as best I can ... why the blue cross has become an important symbol on my own  
Magical Mystery Tour through life.
Our Lady of Victories Church, Brisbane
Some of my spiritual gumbo ingredients
Not because I'm a Christian ... because I'm not really what I would consider to be a Christian in the mainstream sense of what a Christian is supposed to be.
I was, and still am a member of the Liberal Catholic Church,
The Liberal Catholic Church, Brisbane
but I haven't stepped in a Liberal Catholic Church for about 20 years, not for any particular reason other than inconvenience.
Having to work every second Sunday and other family commitments just caused me to drift away from attending, but it is the only Christian Church I can feel truly comfortable in with my spiritual gumbo of beliefs.
It is the least dogmatic church I know of, and that is how a church should be, in my opinion.
But that's just my own personal opinion, I'm sure others can find comfort within their own churches too, but the LCC ticks pretty much all my boxes of what a church should be.
The Liberal Catholic Church is completely independent. 
It uses a Liturgy which emphasises the love, beauty and; justice of God, 
rather than the sinfulness of human beings. 
It aims to combine the traditional sacrament of worship incorporating stately ritual and; deep mysticism, with the wide measure of intellectual liberty and; respect for the individual conscience on matters of doctrine and interpretation.


  • God is the ground for all being, God is in all things and; all things are in God; but all things are not God.
  • God manifests in the universe as a Trinity: the Father, the source of all; Christ the Son, the Word 'made flesh'; the Holy Spirit, the life giver, inspirer and; sanctifier.
  • The human spirit, made in the image of God and divine in essence.
  • All people will ultimately become one with Christ in God.
  • The scriptures are open to various levels of interpretation and; that the individual must discover the truths hidden in them for him of herself.
  • Other world religions are valid paths to the same truth that Christians find in him or herself.
  • God is both the Father and; Mother. The Mother-nature of God brings forth and; nourishes all life and many Liberal Catholics see it's highest expression in Mary, the mother of Jesus. The divine feminine is manifested on earth in the sanctity of life and; the mystery of birth. It calls forth our deepest respect for creation and; in many of us a concern for the animal world and; the environment.
Members of the church are proud of the fact that it pioneered for half a century much of the liturgical and; doctrinal progress now emerging in other denominations
I'm also equally drawn to Buddhism and have no problem being a follower of both, because the Liberal Catholic Church lets you believe in reincarnation if you want to, which I find a comfort, because most Christian Churches are opposed to the idea.
To me reincarnation makes a lot of sense, but if people don't want to believe in it, that's fine with me ... you can only live one life at a time anyway, so that's where the main focus should be I guess. 
My weird blue cross syncs all clicked when I had just seen the movie The Grey.
The Grey/The Grays and the Triad 
I was reading Whitley Strieber's Communion for the second time in my life.
I had just read Whitley's book The Key before re-reading Communion, so it was funny that I thought I had stumbled across the key to my blue cross syncs in one of Whitley's books.
Strieber, author of Wolfen, Communion and The Grays wrote about the triad in the last pages of Communion.
To quote his words -
"I began to think of triangles, of triads, of the struggle I have had to find a finer balance within myself.
There are many ancient traditions that view man as being with three parts: 
body, mind, and heart...
The fundamental idea of the triad as a creative energy is that two opposite forces coming into balance create a third force.
The idea of the triad is not static.
It is an expression of a series of emanations.
The third force emerges when the first and second forces come into balance, and when all three are in harmony they become a forth thing, 
an indivisible whole...
We could be part of a triad that includes the visitors.
They might be the aggressive force, entering us, enforcing our passivity, 
seeking to draw from the relationship some new creation.
But the triad can never come into harmony until there is a firm ground of understanding.
We need not be blindly welcoming.
What is required is objectivity.
We must have a care, for if they are real it can be persuasively argued that they are aggressive as it can be that they are benevolent...
It is, however, too easy to call them evil, just as it is too easy to say that they are saints, 
kindly guides from the beyond. 
They are a very real and immensely complex force, the provocative nature of which demands neither hate nor love, but rather respect in a context of intellectual objectivity and emotional strength....
This was also thought by the Aztec and many other cultures to be fundamental to everything.
And duality, when it was in harmony, formed the triad."

"When the internal triad of mind, body, and heart becomes fixed in a state of permanent harmony, it is because the seeker has finally died to himself and all the allures of life.
Out of this death the forth state emerges.
This is the ecstatic objectivity that the Western seeker cherishes, 
the nirvana of the Hindu, the blooming lotus of Zen."
Interestingly the cross folded in equal squares at ninety degree angles becomes a cube, which could easily represent the forth state of emergence, could it not? 
Or maybe that should be the other way round?
So to me this blue cross has come to represent a living unfolding force echoing back from the future to the now, like an unfolding cube.
"We can see a definitive relationship between the cube and the cross from just unfolding or folding the cube.  
The crossover from the second dimension to the third dimension folds the cross into a three dimensional cube"
Whilst I don't agree with some of the things said on this site, it is an interesting read,
I also wrote a post about Carl Sagan's time travel section from the TV series Cosmos here -
"Cosmos Episode 8: Journeys In Space and Time" and My Blue Car Dream
Oddly enough, when I was reading Dr.Kirby Surprise's book Synchronicity he mentioned in his chapter titled  
Illusions and Anomalies on page 222 that 
"Using your sync abilities means learning to think outside the box"
He goes on to give an example of the concept of The Trinity being compared to a cardboard box with it's three dimensions of height, length and width.
Then he says   
"You now perceive a meaningful relationship where none existed before.
The problem is that there is no relationship.
There is no connection between the dimensions of a cardboard box and The Trinity whatsoever.
I made the example up to make sure that there was no actual relationship.
The example produces an illusion of a meaningful relationship...
Here's how it's done: the mind is trying to match patterns.
First, state the pattern of The Trinity, then the cardboard box analogy.
Proximity to each other causes working memory to hold both at the same time.
Both have a similar pattern in that there are three "somethings" related to one "something".
One has three aspects or persons, the other three dimensions in space. 
Both assume that there is an inclusive unity...
Our logic is fuzzy and wonderfully creative.
The tendency to believe our fuzzy logic causes many delusions,and many SE as well. "
Thanks for the advice Dr.Surprise, but I chose to use my illusion, 
because I think I do see the connection, between the cross, or Trinity and the box, and I chose to think outside the illusion, even if it is delusional;- )
"Unfoldment is a mufti-dimensional practice. 
It requires an exploration of many perspectives, disciplines, and philosophies to fully understand it's power.
It compels us to go deep into ourselves and far out into the world.
The deeper and farther we go, the more we realize that tall inward and outward journeys are at root, one and the same.
In this respect, the many different ideas explored in this book can be considered as archetypal points on the compass of unfoldment - each forming a part of the whole 360 degrees of  human experience.
Though there is a tremendous diversity of knowledge to be contemplated, each of the cardinal directions meet at the center of the compass.
From this point of equilibrium, no terrain is too mountainous to tread, and no darkness can forbear the touch of consciousness for long.
To move freely and gracefully, we must learn to distinguish between what is real and what is unreal.
This begins with ourselves."  
From Neil Kramer's book The Unfoldment.

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  1. Back in college, our discussions about the universe always seemed to boil down to illusions/reality. I'm still wondering about the same questions, but now I recognize the link between them is probably synchronicity. Great post, Daz.