" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 20, 2012

Steering Synchronicity by Surprise

Another gem I found in Dr.Kirby Surprise's book Synchronicity was a section of the book called Steering SE (synchronistic events), where he says that navigating through synchronistic events is like steering a big ship.
The first thing is the direction of the course in probability you take.
Your navigation system, he says, is like so much of that miraculous brain of yours - it is mostly automated.
Your emotions and thoughts automatically change the energy of your M-N bodies (you'll have to read the book to find out about what he means by M-N bodies ... sorry ... too much to explain here) which direct your course through the probabilities around you. 
He says ships have mass, even MN-ships.
You can't turn them around on a dime.
Kirby says some of us are carrying a lot of emotional cargo.
He says these ships need smaller more powerful ships like tug boats to guide them in tight situations.
Dr.Surprise compares the prefrontal cortex of the brain, the part the size of a walnut, and is where the conscious decision making part of your brain resides, to the tug boat that guides the super-tanker whole that is your greater mind. 
Mike Perry's Walnut - see link below for the enlightening tale.

Walnuts With a Chord of Holiday Camp Synchronicity

The prefrontal cortex? You?
Dr.Kirby says that you, the consciously self-aware part, are the edge. 
You are the extra energy.
Your attention is the tugboat that directs the larger part of your being through the infinite dimensions of probability around you.
You decide what you think, what feelings you validate, what push your automated processes need to reach the destinations you choose.
I love this metaphor for the way the brain works, and being a big South Park fan, I couldn't help thinking of the Russell Crowe episode where he travels the world letting his emotions guide him around instead of his tugboat "Tugga", who eventually gets so fed up with Russell that he tries to shoot himself. 
Noah vs South Park: Which Seafaring Russell Crowe Will Reign Supreme?
It strikes me as funny how Russell is now going to play Noah in Darren Aronofsky's movie of the same name :-)
Russell as Noah
I think Russell is the perfect anti-example of Dr.Surprise's tugboat theory.
But he still seems to get guided into the right roles anyway.
I've got a soft spot for Rus, we're both the same age and we're both Aussies (but I'm a real one;-) and I like most of his films.
Thanks to King Uke for making this picture for me
No, he wasn't Freddie Kruger in Nightmare on Elm Street, but I hope his team the South Sydney Rabbitohs can carve up the Bulldogs in this weekend's Rugby League Semi-Final.
"This is turning into a bloody nightmare!"
Now that my team are out, the Rabbits are the only team left that I like.
Get in your tugboat Russ and guide the Rabbitohs to the holy grail ... so my team can take it back off you guys next season;-)
Let's follow the White Rabbit and see how far this rabbit hole goes, shall we
Go the Rabbitohs!!!!
Until next year that is;-)
Oh ... I nearly forgot.
"Jack" Russell Crowe
Jack (left) and Spike (right), my dogs
Dr.Kirby relates a sync just before the "Steering SE" portion of his book, but on the same page, about how his Jack Russell Terrier came running into his room as an ad came on for dog food.
Which reminded me of my own two Jack Russell/Maltese cross dogs. 
One named Jack, the other Spike
Jack has always been the one looking for fights all the time, so I jokingly call him Jack Russell Crowe when he is in his fighting mood;-)


  1. Crowe is a fascinating actor. An Aries whose film, the gladiator (all aries themes), put him on my map. Love these layered synchros, Daz. They bode well for you in life after IKEA.

  2. In my book,IKEA really is a four letter word .-)