" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 25, 2012

My WTF Birthday Card

My two sons (and my wife) bought me a birthday card that really blew my mind.
They know my old car is on it's last legs and that I want my wife to get a new car, so I can have her car (a Mitsubishi Lancer) and use my old car for a trade in. 
But they certainly don't know that symbolically that card contains some very important archetypes for me.
First of all the goldfish in the bowl.
I've had the above image in the top right-hand corner of my blog since I began this blog, because I always felt like a goldfish looking out at the world observing it from my own vantage point, or bowl.
This year without telling anyone I have decided to buy a 20x20 cm print from the art gallery 
Tracy Keller sells her paintings from -
I rang the gallery last week about buying it, but I've decided to go in and pick it up Thursday when I go over to that side of the city to see Magical Mystery Tour at the cinema.
On for one day only at the Dendy Portside, Brisbane.
There is a magnet on my fridge of this fish print, but there are many magnets and my family don't know what significance the fish means to me.
In fact, they don't even know I write this blog...well if they do they've keep the secret pretty good, and have to dance around my traffic feed information better than Russian spies could.
The goldfish magnet on my fridge, bottom right corner.
Also, my blue car dream, that car on the card is nearly the right shade of blue.
Blue Cars Too
Pretty close to the shape and wheels and with some blue.
Although, I must admit it would be hard to hide this obsession with the blue cars from them, as the cars were all over my desk and bookcases before I had to pack them away, awaiting the never ending house renovations that the builders promised would be over months ago :-(
Cars 2???
And the car on the card does have a passing resemblance to the car from Cars 2, oddly enough.
Then there's the cat driving the car.
My Cat Sylvester ( R.I P.) and Memories (CATS) of the Future and the Past?

Sylvester and My Life with Feathers

Gabriel (Peter)

Did you notice the Strawberry Field/s Peter was laying in at the end of Digging in the Dirt?
Hmm? What album is Strawberry Fields Forever off? 

Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour

"Well, this is more than a car, it's a card"
Yeah, and so is this -
There is a message in there somewhere for me for sure, if only I was smart enough to work it out ;- )

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