" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 11, 2012

That Movie Guy

 Let me show you how the weird ways of synchronicity work.
I would never have gone to the I'm So Over Books talk if I had not of stumbled into this talk;
Digital Big Bang: expanding horizons for the work of writers 
Once I heard Marc talking here and having bought his book and got him to sign it 
I decided to check out his I'm So Over Books talk.
This is an example of why I don't work as a photographer. Sorry Marc.
I got there about 10 minutes late, but basically he was asking the audience to give him a mood and he would pick a movie to match that mood and then do a review of that movie.
I thought I would be smart and say melancholy, then he would be forced to give a review on Melancholia
But the thought came into my head that maybe somebody had suggested this mood before I got there and I would only make a fool of myself for suggesting it again, if most the audience didn't know that I was late to this talk.
I thought surely nobody has suggested it yet, so I put my hand up when he asked for another mood and I said  Melancholia, instead of melancholy ... doh! 
And then Marc just said,"We've already had that one.
So trying to think quick I said "Baseball", trying to direct him to review Field of Dreams.
Marc said,"how is Baseball a feeling?
Then I mumbled "baseballish", and wished I had never raised my hand in the first place.
He then said,"baseball, let me see. Madonna's movie about the women's baseball team", and then he went on to review a movie that I didn't like at all.
Then Marc mentioned a movie that was filmed up here called Mental and said he couldn't say too much about it, as he had signed a confidentiality agreement.
But he did say Liev Schreiber did one of the best Australian accents ever in film by an American.
A thought popped into my head that I should try and win a pass to it when it is released, just to see if fate would send me to it.
I entered two competitions for a double pass to see this movie ... one entry for each comp, and on one of them I was successful.
  But not only was it a preview, it was a Q&A with the director and the young star of the film.
My snap of Lilly Sullivan and PJ Hogan from the third row last night.
The real sync weirdness is what takes place between the movie and my own life... stay Tuned for the next Mental post. 
Oh, and for those who don't know who PJ Hogan is, he made the following two movies -