" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 14, 2013

Gratitude Walks
In the book that I'm reading  Awakening to the Spirit World, I came across a page that mentions 'Gratitude Walks', which reminded me of my English friend Mike Perry and his blog where he often takes the reader on what appears to me anyway, gratitude walks through the places in England that he clearly loves to venture in.
"As you walk outside - whether it is in a city, or a forest, a beach - you give thanks to the elements for all that they give you.
What we bless blesses us in return....As you find ways to reconnect with nature and its elements you will find that the life of nature responds in a way that reminds you of the magic of life, a truly wonderful gift."
The funny thing is that gratitude walks are first mentioned on page 67 of the book.
" Sandra teaches that working with the elements in nature is a great way to help us listen to the deep calling of our soul.
Nature can move us into a trance state where our rational mind quiets down and we can listen to the deep guidance rising from within.
Sitting by running water such as a river, stream, or waterfall can help you be transported away from the ordinary, allowing your inner wisdom to rise up.
Watching the waves in the ocean creates a state of opening so you can listen to the messages of your soul.
Finding a place on the Earth where you can look out into the distance can take away from the  daily thoughts and allow inner guidance to be heard."

The Path to the Shore ( Byron Bay)

Forgotten Beach (Byron Bay)

The beauty of gratitude walks is that you can do them anywhere, even in your own backyard.

With Eyes Wide Open

1 comment:

Mike Perry said...

I've never looked on them as being gratitude walks before - but that's exactly what are: thanks and appreciation of nature and of the good (important?) things in life.

I have found that by taking a camera on such walks - but no watch - increases observation and appreciation. We all need time to 'stand and stare'.

Never know, might even get to Byron Bay one day!