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The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 22, 2013

Google Alternatives

" Google's been busy. Over recent weeks it's added photo auto-enhancement to its Google+ social network, launched air balloons to provide internet access from near-space, unveiled a subscription music service, teased a new smartphone and revamped its Maps product.
But when the company reports its latest earnings, investors will be focused on one thing - how its search adverts business is performing.
For all Google's innovation, search remains its cash cow.
The company accounted for 90% of UK-based desktop searches and 92% of mobile searches in June, according to net analysis provider Statcounter - the kind of figures any company would envy.
Its global figures were even higher - although its share of its home market, the US, is below average (78% share of desktop search), and the company remains an also-ran in China, Russia and South Korea.
"At one time Google was clearly a better search engine - now we can debate that point," said Greg Sterling, a tech analyst who writes for the Search Engine Land news website.
"However Google's brand strength, together with the company's aggressive push into mobile have cemented its leadership in most markets for the foreseeable future.
"Nothing is certain but it's difficult to imagine any competitor - outside of parts of Asia and Russia - making significant gains in general web search."
Even so, others are still trying, offering different features or even trying to rethink the principles of the underlying technology. "
Go to the article link to check out some alternatives to Google if you are growing tied of this giant Monopoly player -  
Google: Alternatives to the search giant

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Mike Perry said...

We do seem to get in a rut with Google. We even talk about Googling something much as we do, say, when talking about Hoovering instead of vacuuming. It's become embedded in our minds.

Good that we try alternatives.