" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 29, 2013

The Julie McKenzie Sync

I must confess that I'm not a big fan of so called "psychics",
I tend to avoid them, as most in my experiences from trips to spiritual churches around Brisbane in my teenage years showed me were nothing but self-delusional and seemed to offer nothing of real comfort, or convincing spiritual contact from the other side.
Having said that though, I'm sure that there are real psychics out there, but nowhere near as many as you see advertised around the place.
Anyway, this morning when I was on Facebook a link to Julie McKenzie's FB page came up on a sidebar.
Now, I thought this was odd because I'm not FB friends with Julie and I have never been to her FB page.
I knew who she was, as she appeared on a reality TV show 
(if you can call a show about psychics a reality show that is;-)  
called 'The One'.

 I must say that I liked this show to a degree, because it did show that the "contestants" did have some abilities, but I didn't like the competition aspect to it.
I think once you bring the ego side of it into a show like this by trying to win, you tend to lose your abilities and accuracy rather than show how psychic you may really be.
I watched Julie compete on this show, and sometimes I was impressed and sometimes I wasn't.
She did appear to be the real deal though, although I felt she had a bit further to travel in honing her talents.
Maybe it was just being on TV that stifled her abilities when she did seem to falter? 
I remembered seeing her book advertised somewhere before I saw her on the TV show.
And the only reason I checked out the book was because I went to school with a girl named Julie McKenzie, and she looked very similar, to the point I had to make sure that it wasn't the same person I knew.
It wasn't the Julie I knew, as this Julie is younger and went to a school well outside Brisbane.
I had a gut feeling at the time to buy the book, but rationally I felt it would be a waste of money, so I didn't buy it.
This was when my father-in-law was still alive by the way.
Julie McKenzie at the Brisbane 'Mind,Body and Spirit Festival'.
I decided to checkout the Facebook link because I saw her fleetingly at the Brisbane 'Mind, Body and Spirit Festival'
I snapped a quick photo as I passed her stall when I was snapping pictures like the ones in this post I did about the festival -
Mind, Body and Spirit Festival; June 29th 
I didn't linger around her stall, because I'm not into getting readings from psychics.
The weird thing though this morning was that Julie had this post on her FB page -
"I have woken up with a strong urge to share an extract from my Dancing with Spirit book about my awakening emotions. 
If you like let me know and I may put up another extract for you guys to read!

The Awakening Emotions
From a very early age, I always knew Spirit was close to me. 

However, as I got older, because of the fear of ridicule, I simply blocked it out. 
I had always been different, although I tried so hard to be just like everyone else. 
Many of my dreams came true and I had a very definite intuitive sense about the people I met, but I didn’t understand why. 
After leaving school, I started dating Mick, but because I didn’t want to scare him, I barely mentioned these coincidences.
After Dad died, the dreams became much more vivid and more regular

A few weeks after his death, I dreamt of him rising from his coffin as Big Granny and Little Granny stood in the background. 
I could tell from the way they appeared that the three of them had passed. 
This made no sense to me because, although Big Granny had died three months prior to Dad, Little Granny was still very much alive.
Little Granny came towards me and said, “Isn’t the news wonderful?” 

She continued, “Karen’s pregnant, but she doesn’t know it yet. 
It’s going to be a boy!” 
Suddenly, I was wide awake. I rang Karen and told her of the dream. 
She told me she was definitely not pregnant.

Almost two years after that dream, I was living in Townsville when I received a phone call to inform me that Little Granny had passed away. 

I flew down for the funeral and it was wonderful to see Mum and Karen again. 
Several weeks later, an excited Karen rang me saying, “The dream is coming true.” 
I had no idea what she meant. 
She told me she had fallen pregnant a few days before Little Granny died. 
“Now we will have to wait to see if it’s a boy,” she said. 
A beautiful baby boy arrived a week before Christmas and they named him Campbell. 
I now understand why Little Granny was thrilled. 
Campbell’s middle names are William Shore, in memory of my Dad. 
When a baby is given the name of a person who has already passed over, that person automatically becomes one of the child’s Spirit guides. 
Dad would always be there to look after Campbell and keep him safe.

My dreams continued occurring with more detail. 

Their intensity scared me a little, but it was comforting knowing Dad was always around. 
I told him, “I’m glad you’re here, but please, don’t let me actually see you because I couldn’t cope with that.” 
I was not ready then, as I still had too much fear. 
Spirit does not jump out in front of us to scare us. 
They are not here to do that, but they do come in ways that we can comprehend. 
Our loved ones send us many different signs. 
Feathers appear, or we hear songs, words or phrases that hold special meaning. 
Often it’s simply repetitive thoughts that keep coming to our mind, or music we can’t get out of our head.

In my experience, occasionally we may hear booming voices, or see loved ones unexpectedly. Such occurrences may happen if we are close to leaving this earth before our time. 

On the other hand, if we’re not paying attention to the signs given, they feel compelled to deliver a strong message to us. 
That’s when they will actually intervene to save us.

I stopped worrying about Spirit and my role and just let life evolve. 

My Mum had moved north and was now in a new relationship. 
As a family, we had not been together for quite some time, so we planned to spend Easter together. 
On the Saturday, we spent the afternoon at a waterfall.

As we arrived we were amazed at the height of the waterfall, which was so picturesque. 

People were jumping from the cliff into a big, cool swimming hole below. 
We swam and I felt that I didn’t have a care in the world. 
While relaxing in the water, I turned to see Mick and Mum’s partner starting to make the climb to the top of the falls. 
Suddenly, a strong sense of urgency came over me. 
I yelled at the boys to come back and I explained that I didn’t want either of them to jump. 
It didn’t worry me if other people did, but not our two. 
The boys laughed at me and thought I was joking. 
I was deadly serious, so that only infuriated me more and I told them that if they insisted on jumping, I would leave immediately.

Karen and Mum tried to calm me down. 

I explained that I didn’t know why, but the boys must not jump. 
Mum reasoned that I had no right to tell her partner what he could do, as he was a grown man capable of making his own judgements. 
I agreed and Mum’s partner chose to go ahead and jump, however there was no way I was going to allow Mick to do the same.

This was so unlike me, as I was always happy to go with the flow, probably because I still needed to have everyone’s approval, however, not on this occasion. 

I told Mick that I didn’t want to be the one to tell his family that I let him go ahead, when I felt so strongly against it. 
Through my intuition, I knew the police would come and his face would be smashed and he wouldn’t be found for three days. I didn’t want any of that on my conscience.

Mick agreed not to jump and reluctantly came down from the cliff top. 

Everyone was stunned that I wouldn’t back down. 
We were all very sombre and decided to return to the caravan park. 
I had certainly dampened the carefree mood and had embarrassed everyone because of my uncharacteristic outburst.

As we were leaving the area, I distinctly remember passing a young male tourist in his early twenties. 

He had dark blonde curly hair and tanned skin. 
The girl with him had long brown hair and wore a white bikini. 
I heard his excited comment, “I’m going to climb up there and jump.” 
He was the next person to jump from the cliff top into the waterhole below.

On our half hour drive back, we discussed how unusual my behaviour was and we tried to comprehend what made me react as strongly as I had. 

My only excuse was that I didn’t understand it either. 
Nevertheless, I knew I could never forgive myself had I not tried to stop them and they had been injured or killed. 
I didn’t want to admit to anyone that I’d been too embarrassed to speak up. 
All my life I would have carried the guilt and have had to live with the “if only.” 
We arrived at the campsite and tried to act as normal as possible. 
This was not easy. 
Mum’s partner must have wondered what kind of family he had become involved with.
Unbeknown to me, almost as soon as we returned the boys heard that a British tourist had failed to surface after jumping from the top of the falls. 

Mum convinced the others they had to tell me before I heard the news from fellow campers. 
As I had predicted, the police came. 
It took three days for his body to resurface and his face had been badly injured. 
This was exactly what I had yelled at Mick when I was so distressed. 
Of course, I used the obvious statement, “I told you so,” but I thank God that I had the courage to follow my intuition and speak out that day.

After such a definite confirmation, I could no longer ignore this part of my being and I understood it was now time to take this seriously. 

It was the beginning of my reawakening.

Unusual happenings were occurring more frequently. 

I just ‘knew’ parcels of information that I had not been aware of previously. 
I would finish sentences for people and I was able to predict exactly which song would play next on the radio or television. 
Nearly all of my dreams had deeper meaning. 
I was intuitive about places, people and their emotions and I could no longer choose to shut this out. 
The time had come.

****I hope you enjoyed the Sunday Read!
Jules "

I found out that her father died May 11th, which happens to be my wife's birthday and I'm positive that my wife's father sent me a message in my dreams not long after he passed away.
A lot of weird things happened when he passed away, I can tell you. 
 I must say that I will be buying the book now.

My gut feeling tells me Julie will get a lot more psychic abilities 
as she grows older for some reason.
Another weird thing is my father-in-law had the Broncos club flag 
(the actual flag they fly at the clubhouse at Red Hill) on his coffin for his funeral.
He was a huge Bronco fan (and yet I never saw him as being a moron;-).
Needless to say that I'm not a Bronco fan, but Julie seems to resonate with horses and Scott Alexander King's Horse card is number 8 (infinity?).
Interesting syncs all round I thought.  

UPDATE : August 2nd, 2013.
 I started reading Julie's book Dancing with Spirit and in the book she says that her dad passed away on the 14th May, which was on Mother's Day that year.
I had read a blog post where she said today is May 11th, Mother's Day, the day dad passed away, and I assumed the day he passed over was May 11th also, but she must have meant he had passed away on Mother's Day without meaning that particular date.
Still, my wife was born on Mother's Day according to her mum, so it's still synchy. 


Mike Perry said...

What a good read: liked Julie's story and the synchros attached.

Must say I've never had any successful results with psychics. Years ago when I was experimenting I even tried those who purport to 'tell the future' a few (honest ones?) said they couldn't read me - which worried me a bit at the time.

I 'know' some do have psychic powers but I'm not sure they can turn it on and off like a tap. It comes and goes - like a lot of things in life.

Interesting about your father-in-law - as you have mentioned before - were you close to him?

I ask that as Karin 'saw' someone who had died, but wasn't particularly close to him (at least in this life).

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Re:"...were you close to him?"

Come on,he was a bloody Bronco supporter after all.-)
I wouldn't say we were close,but we used to talk about things a lot like Deepak Chopra books which he used to read although he
(my father-in-law) seemed to be an atheist,and of course football.Although 'secret agnostic' might fit him better.He was always of the opinion that when you're dead you are dead,which always made me think,"We'll see about that",because of my out of body experience I had as an adolescent,which I never had the guts to tell him about for fear of being branded a lunatic.

He probably found it hard enough that his daughter was married to a Sharks supporter.-)

I have never had any other,what I thought of as messages from anybody else that had passed over,accept maybe my aunty,as the day she died I had this weird "tooth that had fallen out" dream,which according to my wife's dream dictionary meant I had lost someone in the family,which I few hours later I found out I had.

Most of my wife's family are of the belief that when you're dead you are dead,but after a few strange things surrounding John's death I can see silent question marks hanging above their heads
(not literally of course.-)
My wife has since told me her mother has since had a dream visit as well from him,but didn't discuss what the dream was about.
I'm not one to talk about these things in person,unless that person wants to discuss these things.
My wife for instance doesn't seem interested in such matters,so we don't really discuss these matters together,even though see liked watching shows like 'The One'.
Maybe if I had never had an OBE at around 11 years of age I would be an atheist or agnostic at least, as well.

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Great pot, Daz. This book sounds like a good one. That story about the waterfall is eerie and amazing. I've had mixed results with psychics - some very good, some not so much.