" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 21, 2013

Pageviews all time history-101,127

I had just put this post  below on my Facebook page and I noticed that the city 
in The Mask' is named Edge city -
"Go with the Flow" as they say.
The River Wild (trailer)
One of the first movies to play at the re-opening of the Texas Theater in Dallas in 1995 was 'The River Wild', the other was 'The Mask',
where Stanley Ipkis finds a mask in the river.
"Go with the Flow"?

When I came back to my blog I saw that there was 101,127 hits.

 127 is a number used in the Repo Man comics and movie,
and Repo Man is also set in Edge city.
127 on the numberplate of the main car in' Repo Man'.

Repo Man / 127 Sync

Aliens In The Backyard

Re-opening of the Texas Theater in Dallas Jan 1995.

Edge City

Setting: Edge City, of course. 
 I'm stealing the name from Repo Man, and the vibe of the place from that movie, the Illuminatus! trilogy, the works of William S. Burroughs and Hunter S. Thompson, and even TV series like Twin Peaks, Picket Fences and (no, seriously) Parker Lewis Can't Lose
The basic idea is that it's essentially our world, but with all the knobs turned up to 11.
 Kind of psychotronic, if you know what I mean: weird, loud, fast, and trashy. 
Ostensibly-normal character traits are amped up to levels that would be regarded as psychotic or superhuman in a more reasonable world. 
It's probably also got some of that Grindhouse thing going on, where it's apparently the present day, but people seem to be two or three decades behind. 
The whole bit would definitely be somewhat humorous, but inevitably on the darker end of that spectrum.
Player Characters: 
A bunch of weird bastards who all know each other already. 
Probably all kinda shady, if not outright, actively criminal. 
Mental illness, vice industry connections, strange religious beliefs, unusual physical traits, and other social burdens are all totally appropriate. 
They don't have to all be friends, exactly, but they've gotta have enough past association in common that they might work together (at least at first) when some mutual threat or opportunity manifests itself.
I'd definitely want to use Spirit of the Century for this 
(although, ironically, I just found out that Over the Edge actually has extremely similar intentions and inspirations, and even a slightly SotC-like system).

Are the Owls What They Seem?

The Red-Eyed Green Tree Frog Symbolism

'Year of the Snake 2013'?

Hold On

Frog's-eye, I mean Bull's-eye ;-)

Kelly Carlin Interview with Susie Meister

Towering 23 Feet (7 Meters) Into the Sky. 237?

Episode 41: Clockwork Kubrick (with Andras, LeClair and JFR)

The Green Room.

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The Rainbow Serpent and 42


Number Signs?


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Love those frogs. What you wrote sounds like a great plot for a novel along the lines of Philip K Dick.

Mike Perry said...

Great stuff. Like, for example, of going with the flow - providing we have sent out the right 'thoughts' etc. After all, "All that we are is the result of what we have thought" (well, maybe partly) :)

'Player Characters: A bunch of weird bastards ...' - that's life or you.

Mike Perry said...

I should have put 'for' not 'or' at the end of comment - clicked before I realised but the comment was gone.