" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 18, 2013

23/7:7/23 and Oswald

7/23 - July 23rd?

A lot of the sync-heads I talk to are big fans of Stanley Kubrick and his movies, especially his movie The Shining and Room 237.
When Oswald was arrested at the Dallas movie theater after the Kennedy shooting there was a movie playing called Cry of Battle.
It stars a guy named Hal Bowie (his only movie) 
Hal / Bowie?

and a guy named Van Heflin
Heflin's next movie after Cry of Battle was 
Van Heflin
The Greatest Story Ever Told.
He also starred in the movie Airport with a Kennedy (George) not long before Van Heflin died.
He died on July 23rd, 1971. 
Or 23/7 as we in the British colonizes would write the date,
7/23 as it would be written in the USA.  
Strange Love?  Kubrick?
The other film playing was War is Hell released 23 October 1963 (USA).
" 'Tony Russel' said the film was held from US release for almost three years because of its controversial and what was claimed by some to be anti-American content. 
It was finally released in the US after 'Audie Murphy' filmed a prologue explaining that the film told the story of one soldier and one platoon. 
The film won an "out of competition" award at Cannes in May of 1961."

" After the war, they took Army dogs and rehabilitated them for civilian life. 

But they turned soldiers into civilians immediately, and let 'em sink or swim.[127]"
—Audie Murphy
127^ Thomas, Bob (November 21, 1960). "Post-war Story Kept on Ice".
Park City Daily News. AP. p. 10.

Audie Murphy
Finn HudsonMcKinley (assassinated President)?


Repo Man / 127 Sync

127 is a centered hexagonal number, or hex number and so is 217 which was the room number King had in the book 'The Shining', but Kubrick changed it to 237 for some reason.

Somewhere in the cradle of the deep south
Magnolias sway in the breeze
To the lonesome sound of a Red Boned Hound,
Howlin' at the moon and the trees.
There's a sad eyed boy, with his guitar,
Cuttin' his teeth on the blues.
Wishin' on a falling star, at 127 Rose Avenue

The distant moan of a midnight train,
Comes blowin' through the night.
He dips his pen in tears and pain,
And he begins to write.
Bout a whippoorwill too blue to fly,
And the Indian he once knew.
Bout lost highways, and purple skies,
At 127 Rose Avenue.

Caretaker said as he shook his head,
"Son to you believe in Ghosts?
For a five dollar bill you can feel the chill
That he felt long ago."

So a I bought me a ticket at the front door,
Guess who was there inside.
I felt his presence through the whole tour,
God I swear, he was alive.
I saw the train, I felt the pain,
I heard him moanin' the blues.
Twenty-nine years of memories,
At 127 Rose Avenue.


Another side eyed boy with his guitar,
Cuttin' his teeth on the blues.
Here I am wishin' on a falling star,
At 127 Rose Avenue

It ain't in Nashville
It's not in Montgomery

Why the localhost ip is always

The original room number in the book was 217, not 237.
"Jack" Nicholson born: April 22, 1937 (4/22/37)
July 23 is the 204th day of the year (205th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar.  
Died 23 July 2011 (aged 27)
Just another brick in the wall?
Do you think Oswald really did it?
The re-opening of the Texas Theater in 1995 playing The Mask.


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Very weird synchros here!
The man who fell to earth: terrific books and movie. But I think it was david bowie, not hal.

Mike Perry said...

Nice one. I've just finished writing a post referring to Amy Winehouse for posting on the 23rd of July - which just happens to also be my birthday : 23/7.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

David Bowie is associated with
Dave Bowman in the Synchromysticism world,because Bowie is the Bow man pointing to Galactic center hence the names David Bowie (the Starman) and Dave Bowman are basically one and the same archetypically.
Hal and Dave battle each other in '2001:A space Odyssey' with Dave returning as the Starchild/man who falls to Earth.