" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 31, 2013

The Crow: I Just Knew It

World Animal Dreaming cards
I wrote about my crow syncs on the 29th of June at the 
Mind, Body and Spirit Festival here-
Mind, Body and Spirit Festival; June 29th 
and the other day I was wondering which animal would be my main spiritual animal in Scott's World Animal Dreaming cards.
The first card I pulled was, and I've got say I wasn't, and was surprised all at the same time, the Crow.
 I decided to look up the meaning of the card in the guidebook that came with  the cards.
"As a creature of the Void, Crow exists in the past, present and future simultaneously,
perceiving the darkness within the light and the light within the darkness while seeing 
all worlds and dimensions from every vantage point."
I wonder what Scott's main spirit animal is?-)
Scott seems to always have an owl around him.
Earth Mother Dreaming
Next I decided to flick though the book I bought on the 29th of June 
and see what it had to say about crows.
I'm born on the 23rd of September...hmm.


Ground azurite powder for use as a pigment.
Ruling mineral : Azurite!?
Very interesting indeed.

Authentic Creations and the Bunya Tree

"Gratitude" Rocks!
The Crow, well it had to be I guess. 
I always felt that it was.
Oh, and last night I got the urge to go and see The Lone Ranger
and loved it.
It's pretty much all about the crow and crow spirituality.

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Mike Perry said...

I see that Tonto's look in the movie is based on a painting by Kirby Sattler.

She writes that the display of face paint design, crow feathers and crow headdress in the painting is an illustrative interpretation of the inseparable relationship between the Native American and their spiritual and natural world.