" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 25, 2014

BUDDA-BAH...or Buddha Bear?

Koala or Buddha Bear?
Now, I know that technically the Koala is not a bear, it's related more to the kangaroo and wombat and not even remotely related to bears, but who cares I say, if it looks like a bear...well you know what I'm saying.
I wrote a post about koalas being like little Buddhas in this post a while back -
Koala Dreamtime
I picked up an old copy of Injoy Magazine and read about some interesting facts on the koala in the junior page of the magazine.
But this paragraph really caught my attention -
"A koala's scientific name is Phasclarctos Cinereus and the traditional Aboriginal name in traditional Bunjalung language is 
BUDDA-BAH, pronounced bubbha-bear."
I thought this was a really appropriate name for the koala, as they have always struck me to be meditating all the time, even if they really are just sleeping.


I just finished reading the novel Mullumbimby, by Melissa Lucashenko, which used a lot of Bunjalung words throughout the book.

Mullumbimby by Melissa Lucashenko (Interview with Caroline Baum)

 So many that a glossary was placed in the back of the novel.
The bus to Mullumbimby from Bluesfest that I snapped on Good Friday.
I loved this book and I hope it is eventually made into a movie.
It touches on some really good issues and deserves to be read by a broad audience. 
It even features Buddhism as a comparison to some indigenous practices, as well.  

The Biggest Little Town in Australia

The town of Mullumbimby, New South Wales, Australia.
I think the Bunjalung language is spot on with the name BUDDA-BAH, even if a koala is not really a bear at all.
The Buddha Bar in a Budapest hotel-
Which reminds me that I must catch the above film this weekend.
Don't you just love the puzzle pieces synchronicity throws together?
I do.


  1. I started watching the Buddha Bah video and thought 'this isn't much of a video' - then realised I had the sound switched off.

    There's probably a message there!

  2. Yes,your right mike.I thought the same thing when I came across the video clip when I was Google-ing "Buddha-Bah",but realized the guy just wanted the viewer to listen to the music,which isn't bad.
    Although,I'm sure it wouldn't have been hard to throw in a few nice images for the eye to look at.
    Nice tune though,which is why I put it in the post.

  3. I can't keep up here. You come away with so many insights from these festivals that I need to keep a journal just on what I'm sposed to see/divine!

  4. I saw "The Grand Budapest Hotel" this afternoon.Two thumbs up from me.It's a good movie.Go see it.