" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 26, 2014

Satellite Boy and the Kimberley/s

I hired the movie Satellite Boy from My local Blockbuster video store a couple of weeks ago and found it a quite enjoyable and thought provoking movie.

Satellite Boy Original Soundtrack

"Pete lives with his grandfather in an old abandoned outdoor cinema in the desert. 
When the old drive-in is threatened with demolition, ten year old Pete takes off to the city with his best mate Kalmain, to save his home. 
But the boys get lost in the Australian outback. 
Starving and thirsty, Pete has to remember some of the old bush skills his grandfather taught him to survive."
After watching the movie I took a look at the special features on the disc and found out the movie was filmed in the Kimberley region of Australia.

The Kimberley Waypoint, as seen from the Curiosity rover on Mars. Something looking like a beam of light can be seen on the horizon.
Then I see this story on the news about a strange light captured in a photo by the Martian rover on the Kimberly region of Mars.

Curiosity arrives at next destination on Mars: What's that strange light? Aliens?

"The Kimberley Waypoint is the next spot where mission engineers want to drill into the Martian crust in order to search for alien life, either living or extinct.
Astronomers believe the area may have once exhibited conditions favorable for the life. 

In the modern day, the region is home to large outcrops of a wide variety of rocks - the region features a junction of four major varieties. 
Curiosity has been taking detailed photos of the rock formations using equipment aboard its Mastcam. 
Curiosity was directed to the Kimberley Waypoint after analysis of high resolution images and spectrographic analysis from NASA's orbiting Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. 
The data suggested the area might have interesting geology. 
Controllers are currently driving Curiosity around "The Kimberley" in order to find the next place to drill. 
They lately discovered an area giving the rover an extensive view of the region."
"Curiosity has not drilled into the surface of Mars since the spring of 2013, when samples were examined from areas dubbed "John Klein" and "Cumberland." 
The rover has traveled a total of 3.8 miles since landing on the surface of Mars 20 months ago. While at "Yellowknife Bay," Curiosity discovered evidence of an ancient marine environment and the energy needed to spark life. 
The Kimberley is named after a remote region of Australia. 
Curiosity is expected to be in the area for a few weeks before moving on to its next target."
The Red Planet/Sydney.

Satelite Boy – Catriona McKenzie brings the land to our laps.

I think the whole universe is more alive then we give it credit for somehow and things are becoming more curiouser and curiouser everyday.
I also like how the beam of light in the Kimberley on Mars might just be an old movie projector beaming the Martin version of the movie Satellite Boy into space?-)


  1. That beam of light is fascinating. I enlarged the photo as much as possible and it almost looks like a firework or a flare - or a beam of light from some sort of portal. Mustn't let the imagination run away though ...