" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 24, 2011

A Blessing and a Curse

If you would like to read a good "feel good" book, may I suggest the book above  
"A Blessing and a Curse" by Caiseal Mor.
I read this book years ago and loved it.
Which lead me to discover his wonderful music CDs.
We both grew up a few miles from each other and we are both roughly the same age, but as far as I know,our paths never crossed.
If you've never heard of Caiseal Mor before, take some time to visit his website;
check out his amazing orb photos, books, music, and films...
this guy is amazing.
If this is what autism can do for you, then I want some.
And you must listen to his music.
It stirs my soul...and I'm not just saying this to be kind, I really mean it.
But if you can, I urge you to read his book, you won't be sorry.
Here's a review from Jessica Kingsley Publishers which almost sums it up;
" His book captures the nostalgic romanticism of the Australian bush in the 1960s but also the height of deep ignorance and the culture of `see no evil' in which almost all who could and should have changed things, looked the other way... Caiseal's book is as beautiful and magical as it is shocking.'
- From the Foreword by Donna Williams
Growing up in Australia in the 1970s, Caiseal Mór was labelled 'retarded' and 'an idiot', and his parents were led to believe that physical punishment could cure his autism.
In this courageous and captivating autobiography, Mór vividly captures his early experiences of dissociation from his true existence - a common reaction by children suffering from repeated abuse - and the various personas through which he lived through in his teens and early adulthood - the Mahjee, Charles P. Puddlejumper, Marco Polo and Chameleon Feeble. The rocky path towards discovering his true identity and finally accepting himself takes him on a spiritual pilgrimage via several different countries, once nearly getting caught unwittingly carrying drugs over the Moroccan border; forming relationships with people he meets but very often misjudges; to the revelation - the awakening - of love and acceptance. "
dboy (Dan) tells me Caiseal's  fiction novels are quite good, too...
or in Dan's own words , 
" I loved those books; they're set in druidic ireland, and he has a gift for storytelling."
Two games of Brandubh as featured in the fantasy novels of Caiseal Mór-
Caiseal and Helen.
His wife Helen has a site as well, that's worth a look at,as well;

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