" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 31, 2011

Film: A Thin Skin or Membrane

I got these YouTube clips from Kevin Halcott's YouTube channel 
It's a film about Synchromysticism called, 
Film: A Thin Skin or Membrane.
Here is what the film is about in Kevin's own words;
""Film: A Thin Skin or Membrane" is an exploration of films and media using Synchromysticism, exploring patterns within pop culture that point toward our connection with spiritual dimension of our nature and existence. 
Analyzing the intelligence underlying all art, highlighting the symbols and even movie stars that Ideas and aspects of ourselves attract when we dramatize them in art. 
The word film shares its definition with a membrane, or thin layer connecting two sides or worlds. 
The patterns gathered in these 3 parts are shared to express a spiritual and evolutionary code of symbols and stars highlighting our consciousness' relationship to our spiritual nature and the Spiritual Dimensions of existence known by many religions and mythologies as Heaven, the Underworld, Astral Plane, Dream World, 5th Dimension etc. 
The Archetype of the Rainbow is one of the most recurring connections in this series, this should he expected as the Rainbow has always been a symbol of the connection between Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter, Microcosm and Macrocosm. 
Synchromysticsm finds the mythic dramas of the heavenly stars and Constellations, reflected here on Earth in our art and culture as movie Stars*
This is Love Code. 
Movie stars can be seen as key players or symbols in this code within our art and culture, We are remembering our eternal connection to divinity, cosmic consciousness, these videos are a celebration of our "return to the garden", our spiritual connection with this beautiful and divine earth. 
Love and Peace - Kevin Halcott "
Here's another reason I find this stuff fascinating, to quote what I had already said on my post 
"... he talks about the number 42 appearing in movies.
Here's where it gets weird for me.
As I have said before my father's taxi cab number was 424.
He gave me his old Yellow Cab to drive when I was a teenager, because I couldn't afford to buy my own car at the time, and he transferred the number 424 to his new Gold Cab.
Another thing that struck me was Kevin's YouTube channel is called kevin23420.
There is a 42 in it, but the weird thing to me is that my oldest son's name is Kevin and he was born on the 20th June, and my birthday is the 23rd September, so 23/4/20 is a combination of our birth-dates.
Also I found out the other day by watching the extra's on 
Field of Dreams that they started filming on the 20th June (my son Kevin's birth-date) and the main actors name is also Kevin, as is the guy that made the above YouTube."
If you find this stuff fascinating as well,  just do an internet search for the word "Synchromysticism" and you'll find lots of interesting information about this phenomena.


  1. Interesting explorations. 42 thanks for posting such interesting videos.
    Also thank you Darren for your comments on your name on my Blog today. My mother, who was Dutch, suffered terribly when she came to live in England after World War 2, because she had a Dutch accent, which sounded very German to the English ear.

  2. I grew up with wonderful Dutch neighbours living to one side of my parents house,they were just like an extended family to us,in many ways.
    Great culture that the Dutch have.

  3. I never knew that 42 was significant for anyone else. Thanks for directing me to these videos. I definitely want to learn more about Synchromysticism

  4. I get 424 everywhere in my life