" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 3, 2011

The Green Frog With The Red Eyes

Photo that I e-mailed to Trish
My friend Trish from Synchrosecrets put this post up on her blog today -
Inside Out and the Green Frog with Red Eyes 
about the photo I posted her (above) involving a sync I had when deciding to buy a magazine after having seen a photo of a green frog with red eyes, which she posted on her blog about her trip to 
Costa Rica.
That in itself could be passed as a little more than coincidence, I realize ... but here is the larger sync that amazed me.
Here is the full ad as it appears in the magazine
(below-click on it to enlarge it)
The full ad in the Inside Out magazine
The issue the ad was in.
I realized the much bigger synch after I had bought it and was taking the photo to send to Trish-about the green frog with the
red eyes.
Which I was sending because this post is what made me buy the magazine in the first place;
Time, Space, and Costa Rica
after seeing the green frog she had taken a snap of in this post.
It was after reading this post -
Midnight in Paris 
and responding to it with some comments, that I realized what a synchro the green frog had turned out to be 
(click on that ad and you will see what I'm talking about).
Syncs are all in the timing.
Read the Midnight in Paris post and you will see how weird this all gets (click on the last link above, if you haven't already ... you will need to read it all to see where this is going).
 Here is my comment that I made on the Midnight in Paris post;
"Trish, I just realized this after sending the e-mail of the photo of the green frog on the bed in the magazine ad, and re-reading my comment “Maguire as playing Harvey Stern/Harry’s character”
The ad in the magazine is for a store in Australia called “Harvey Norman (Normal Man?)” and Tobey’s character is Harvey Stern.
Also the ad says, “What are little boys made of ?” 
Here’s the weird part ,”Frogs (your green frog with red eyes, and the frog in the ad?), Snails (Paris, France? Midnight in Paris?) and Puppy Dog Tails (Tales? Stories ?- Harry the novelist, you the novelist, Fitzgerald the novelist?)
“What are little boys made of ?”/Deconstructing Harry?
Maybe this is a sync telling us both to give that Woody Allen movie another spin through the DVD player?"

Here's another comment from that post that is probably relevant to the sequence of  events that was unfolding; "Here’s another little sync, I just went to check my mail, and Rob’s book “Psychic Power” along with Dean Radin’s book “Entangled Minds” were waiting for me.
And on the back of
“Entangled Minds” is the question in my favourite shade of blue (which is the same colour of the lightning bolts on the bedspread that the green frog is sitting on in the magazine ad),
“Is Everything Connected?”"

And it was getting weirder; "I also just realized that there is a goldfish in a bowl (my blog mascot) staring at the frog on the bed (I can send a better picture of the fish if you like).
Also there is an orange monkey right above the dog’s head … shades of the Orangutan and dog story you had posted the other day?
The pillow with the orange VW on them are called “Retro Holiday” and the white drawer and beside table are called “Domino”.
This story sure seems to have a domino effect happening;-)"

And here is Trish's reply after sending that comment; "This is getting progressively stranger. 
I just finished writing up the frog synchros and used that word: domino. 
Is this some sort of synchronistic groove or what?!"
But that's not all folks ... on my trip today to Byron Bay ... first stop for coffee at Brunswick Heads Pub ... what do they have?
Green chocolate frogs (but no red eyes), so I bought one and took a photo of it (below).
Brunswick Heads coffee stop with frog
Next stop Byron Bay ... the Fig Tree Restaurant ... and while I knew there would be a fig tree there (hence the name) I had no idea it would be almost a twin for the one out of the movie The Tree.
So, I just had to take a photo of that as well (below)
The fig tree looking out the The Fig Tree Restaurant.
Close up of the trunk of fig tree
Then after walking around Byron for a while (running into more syncs which don't apply to this post), we headed to
The Crystal Castle, since I had never been there before.
And what do you think they had for sale in their gift shop, which I just had to purchase?
A green frog with red eyes (see below).
Green frog with red eyes that I bought today
And one more weird thing ... I'm a Cronulla Sharks Rugby League team supporter (life member for 23 years, so far) and I was wearing my Sharks polo shirt and they had a basket of shark teeth on the counter with a "sign" saying "free shark tooth for every purchase from the Treasure Room", which was where the frog came from. 
Plus, they won today beating Russel Crowe's team the  
South Sydney Rabbitohs (White Rabbits) ... so how far down
the rabbit hole do you want to go?
Mural at Crystal Castle
Part of shop at Crystal Castle
Labyrinth at Crystal Castle

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