" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 12, 2011


"Bring me that horizon" Johnny Depp
 Well, just when I thought my life couldn't get much weirder, I go to Reality this morning to find this post about synchronicity in movies, starring the man who triggered my reading of The Intuitive Way, Johnny Depp
A New York State of Sync
From the article -
"This Friday in New Paltz, New York, join fellow Sync Book author Kevin Halcott and I as we explore synchronicity in movies, mythology and mysticism. 

Learn how the movie stars of planet Earth bring us in touch with the same cosmic mythic dramas that have been stored in the stars of the heavens since the dawn of storytelling. 
Kevin Halcott will be presenting a slideshow introduction to Synchronicity and the art of Synchromysticism, followed by a short documentary highlighting patterns of meaningful coincidence in popular culture, mythology, and movies, aiming to allow greater access to mystery, wonder and joy." 
Watch the video ... it's mind-boggling.
Hair Peace Part 1  
Then I Googled Kevin's video,  
"Flim: A Thin Skin or Membrane" ... where he talks about the number 42 appearing in movies.
Here's where it gets weird for me.
As I have said before my father's taxi cab number was 424.
He gave me his old Yellow Cab to drive when I was a teenager because I couldn't afford to buy my own car at the time, and he transferred the number 424 to his new Gold Cab.
Another thing that struck me was Kevin's You Tube channel is kevin23420. 
There is a 42 in it, but the weird thing to me is that my oldest son's name is Kevin and he was born on the 20th June, and my birthday is the 23rd September, so 23/4/20 is a combination of our birth-dates.
Also, I found out the other day by watching the extra's on 
Field of Dreams that they started filming on the 20th June (my son Kevin's birth-date) and the main actors name is also Kevin, as is the guy that made the above YouTube.
Here's another great sync for me.
I was thinking about getting into the I Ching, since I was born in 1964 and also the I Ching has 64 hexagrams.
I was looking at some synchronicity websites I had saved to my favouites and found this passage about the I Ching at this site;
Synchronicity – A Very Brief Introdution 
"Anybody who works with the I Ching discovers how synchronistic it. 
Three summers ago I had a run of nine consecutive days getting the same hexagram (number 23, Collapse) each day for my daily general life reading. 
According to probability theory the odds of this happening randomly are 1 in 64x64x64x64x64x64x64x64x64."
My birth-date is 23/9/64 or 9/23/64 as Americans would write it.


  1. So what is going on for your son at the moment? That is what i would be looking at after all of those references. Has your dad passed? Could it be him making contact?

  2. Hi Nat,
    I've been seeing 424 quite a lot lately,and it's bugging me as to why.My dad is still amongst the living,as of this writing,but he is 81,so every day is a bonus,I guess.As it is for me at 47,as well.

  3. amazing i ching synch daz; in a universe full of stuff, a perfectly tailored personal message.