" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 4, 2011

Taking a Break

I'm taking a little break from the blog-sphere ... while I contemplate whether I should carry on doing this as a public blog, pull it altogether, or just keep doing it as a private blog journal for my eyes only.
If I could see that it was benefiting other people's lives by reading my brain droppings, then I might feel it was worth it, but blogging for my own sake just seems to be a waste of my time.
Blogs might be great for authors who have books to flog, or for people who like to monetize their blog, as a form of pocket money for themselves, but for people like me who do it for nothing, there comes a time where you think "is this really helping anyone, including me ... or could I be spending my time doing something a little more productive?"
Maybe that poster has a point ... especially when it comes to this blog?-)


  1. Daz, every single one of us has something vitally important to offer.
    I for one, enjoy your blog and your wonderful 'Dazness' shines through all your posts.
    If you feel it really is a waste of time, then that is okay, but don't be discouraged if your readership isn't huge yet. Many people read and don't feel comfortable leaving a comment.

  2. Please keep doing it. It is good for us to record our daily or almost daily thoughts. In years to come, it will make fascinating reading. I look at my stats from time to time and find it very interesting which of my Blogs are most popular. It isn't the ones I think it will, nor the ones I put the most effort into, necessarily.

  3. Thanks guys,I was going to keep doing it just so I could keep track of my own synchronicities,but I was going to hide it from public eyes,so I could be a bit more personal, without friends and family seeing it.
    I just hit one of those "why should I keep this blog public,if nobody else is reading it but me" moods.
    And thought people probably think I'm just making this stuff up,anyway...hey,if it wasn't happening to me,I wouldn't believe it either.I just thought maybe it could be of help to share this stuff with others.I don't want lots of people following me,anyway.As long as two people find some benefit out of it,that's enough for me.
    Don't worry,I've got nothing to sell and wouldn't dream of monetizing this blog...and I'm being as honest as I can.^These are real life synchronicities.In a way I guess by taking photos,it's my way of trying to prove as much as I can that this phenomena is real...I can only say that I have nothing to gain,and everything to lose by lying to the people reading this blog,so you be the judges.
    I just trying to put the pieces together as best I can and work out where all this is's a work in progress...that's all that I know.

  4. Hey Daz, I just started following your blog because of this post. i know about you through Trish and Rob's blog. I also was debating the public/private aspect and your decision resonated with me. I've enjoyed doing my blog as is, for a few years, so will do so because it's fun. If people find me and want to follow, all good. Right? :D