" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 10, 2016

A Wonderland of Coincidence in the Book Cellar

I wrote in my post about driving down to Hobart about stumbling across a bookshop that had a very 'Through the Looking Glass' theme to it -
The Art of Driving to Hobart
The Book Cellar
I went in to have a look and walked out with $123 worth of merchandise, as pictured at the top of this post. 
So here are the coincidences associated with my purchases.
Posters hanging in the Majestic cinema Port Macquarie
Ten Thirteen, X-Files and Time
I had seen the new Alice movie before I left on my road-trip and written the above post about the movie the day after I saw it.
My artist friend Starr whose bridge paintings she let me use on my posts about the Story Bridge in Brisbane is a big fan of Alice and a lot of her paintings involve Alice in Wonderland themes and she was painting pink flamingos at the time of my trip to Tassie -
ALICE through the looking glass
I also was heading to Wrest Point Casino that day and I picked up a pack of old drink coasters that were shaped like playing cards, but not only that, they were all hearts, like the red queen's suit of cards.
I also bought an old Tasmanian travel poster that proclaimed Tasmania a Wonderland.
There was also the latest issue of 'Island' magazine on the counter with an author I had met a few years ago, who wrote a book called 'Lights Out in Wonderland', which I've had an image and quote from the book on my sidebar to the right for a while, as regular readers of this blog would know.
I even wrote the post in this link below about the coincidences I had reading DBC Pierre's book -
DBC Pierre even mentions the Alice in Wonderland story in his article about drugs in 'Island' magazine
I even managed to pick up the book about MONA that I was going to buy when I went to the art gallery shop at MONA, now I could start reading it a bit earlier. 
I even picked up a little book about cats and had a good talk to the lady behind the counter about our mutual love of cats and about the black and white cat I once had.
But here is the kicker, I did a brewery tour on that Sunday in Hobart and caught a double-decker bus to the brewery, so I could try a few beers without the worry of driving afterwards.
I decided to walk to the next bus stop after the tour, as the bus wasn't coming for another 20 minutes and as I was walking down the street, I came across a park that was full of rabbits.
A park down the road from Cascade Brewery
 on the rivulet walk
Be very quite, I'm photographing rabbits, as Elmer Fudd might say.
I wondered just how many beers I must have had to start seeing rabbits, as in my home state of Queensland rabbits are pests and you can get a $5000 fine for owning one, so I couldn't believe all these rabbits just hopping around feeding on the park's lawn.
There were no white rabbits for me to follow though ;-)
As soon as I came up out of the park, I saw an iron gate with the words 'The Rowans' which I thought I would take a photo of to show my mum, as a Rowan family used to live right next door to us for years.
The cat in Hobart rubbing itself against my jeans
As I was taking the shot something brushed up against my jeans, and when I looked down, I was dumbfounded, as I thought I was seeing a ghost at first, as it was a black and white cat which looked similar to a cat I used to own years ago.
My Cat Sylvester (R.I.P.) and Memories (CATS) of the Future and the Past?
The cat on the Hobart footpath
My cat Sylvester
It was the only cat I would see on my travels on the roadand I still can't believe this cat just appeared from nowhere to be at my feet.

After stroking the cat for a while, I said goodbye and just kept walking to the city centre of Hobart and then walked back from the city to the casino.
Walking is one of the best ways to see a city I think ... unless it's raining.
My purchases from the cellar bookshop seemed rather magical after my cat encounter, but the magic and coincidences were only just starting on this trip. 

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