" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 4, 2016

Road Trip #2

I just got back from the biggest road trip that I have ever done, driving my new car from my hometown of Brisbane right down to the bottom of Tasmania (with some help from a big car carrying boat) and back, over a three week period.
But my trip was nearly over before it started with the above crash outside the town of Gosford in New South Wales, which nearly got me killed as well, when a crash between two cars on the highway caused traffic to abruptly stop and I found myself parked about three feet behind a bus and a four wheel drive flying up behind my Hyundai i30 at about 110 km per hour, only to swerve at the last minute into the right-hand lane beside me.
The crash outside Gosford which
nearly claimed my car, as well
The highway was closed for about 45 minutes, as ambulances took the dead and injured away from the scene. 
Trouble always seemed just around the corner for me literally a number of times on this trip.
A guy even fell/jumped to his death on the same ship I sailed on, the night after I was on it.
Search called off for man missing in Bass Strait after falling from Spirit of Tasmania ferry
"The search has been suspended for a man missing in freezing waters in Bass Strait after he fell overboard from the Spirit of Tasmania overnight.
Police have found items of clothing and belongings believed to belong to the 45-year-old Ballarat man, who passengers saw fall into the water about 124 kilometres south-east of Port Phillip Heads at 11.40pm.
Spirit of Tasmania I was travelling from Melbourne to Tasmania at the time of the incident, which sparked a massive search of a 247 square kilometre area."
Driving my car onto the Spirit of Tasmania
car ferry on my trip
The crash outside Melbourne which
closed the highway for two hours
And another crash just up ahead of me would close the 
Princess Highway for two hours when I was driving away from Melbourne to the town of Eden.
Huge Crash On The Princes Freeway
A tow truck racing up the breakdown lane
 to my left as I wait
The news helicopter hovers above us
as we wait for two hours
But I made it home in one piece with heaps of photos and stories to tell in coming posts.

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