" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 6, 2016

Year of the Shark?

I see the guys at Sync Book Press have a shark theme for this years' Sync Summit, which I find quite synchy as the Sharks are my favourite NRL team (I've been a life member of the club since before 1988) and it was one of my main motivations for undertaking my last road trip and catching a home game down at Cronulla, a ground I haven't been back to for over 25 years, as I live in Brisbane and the Sharks are based just outside of Sydney.
Oddly enough, their colours are black, white and blue, pretty much the same colours used on the banner above to promote the Sync Summit.
Both of my road trips this year have been timed to catch a Sharks game with my youngest son, who lives in Canberra.
I met up with my son in Sydney and we went and saw the Sharks beat last year's competition winners, the North Queensland Cowboys 13 points to 10.
The only time that I like being
surrounded by
sharks is at the football
Lining up for the shark slide on the hill
I couldn't believe that I ended up the same distance away from the guy with the trumpet when I bought random tickets for this game and the one in Canberra.
That'll teach me to bring ear plugs next time;-)
I told my son that I thought that we had the best seats in the house that night, and when the cheer girls popped up from behind the fence, he agreed with me.
The Sharks captain Paul Gallen after the match.
The Sharks sit at the top of the table at the moment and are going for their 13th straight win this weekend when they take on the Penrith Panthers, so my fingers are crossed.
The beach at Cronulla is a wonderful place to get yourself a bird, or two, and I did.
Only seagulls though, but at least when the chips are down these birds will stick by you ... because they love hot chips;-)
I should have told that guy with the metal detector that if he goes up to Byron Bay I can tell him roughly where he might find a gold wedding ring;-)
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