" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 23, 2016

Yellow: The Colour of Sync?🌞

The symbol of the sun?
 I had only just read Alex Robinson's chapter in The SYNC Book 2 yesterday, titled The Colour of Sunchronicity, and I have to confess that I thought Alan may have written down the title of the chapter wrong because of Alex's Kiwi accent (only taking the piss;-)
I guess I should explain that Alex writes about her synchronicity of coming across an article about feeding cows mango leaves to make their urine more yellow for a paint pigment, and Alex goes on to tell about how "taking the piss" relates to her sync.
Another blogger whose chapter in the book I loved also was Noah Sherrill who writes a blog under the name E=M.C.ESCHATON.
Noah Sherrill
I get the impression he favours the yellow colour as well, by the way he has the video section on his blog sorted.
Alex Robinson's latest post Don't Look Now is a continuation, in a way of the exploration of the colour yellow. 
Alex takes a look at Van Gogh's painting Sunflowers selling for a record price in 1987, words as symbols, the Harmonic Convergence, The Simpsons, The Wizard of Oz, Daffodils, The Mona Lisa, plus other interesting topics.
I love reading the posts on her blog, they are some of the most thought provoking posts that you could find on the net ... not that I agree with all of them, but there certainly is some common ground for me to walk on.
Her latest post has made me see how many years ago in my youth I was sucked into (and still can't break away from) a sun worshiping cult that has established itself in the heart of my hometown, Brisbane
In fact, this cult has taken about half of the population of Brisbane into its jaws and refuses to let go.
 I'm almost (not really ... far from it actually;-) ashamed to tell people how I forced my young suns 
(that's what we call sons in this cult) to drink from the cult communion cup -
And pray facing the sacred home-ground,The Gabba -
The Gabba sacrificial grounds is the
ring you can see facing the sun
Here is a picture inside the sun temple where we are watching St. Kilda get slaughtered in the hope that the almighty sun will rise the next day ... and it worked, I have to tell ya;-)
My boys right before communion ... thank Sungod that there wasn't an eclipse forecast for this day, or one of them might not have returned home that day ... maybe both?-)
 I even let my sun do battle on the sacred sun grounds, but only when the angry Sungod was sleeping.
Luckily the priests in our religion are nearly blind and couldn't see him in the dark, so he survived the battle, without being sacrificed.
Micheal Voss
(captain, now coach of the sun cult)
And above is the Sun himself, the one we are forced to worship, coming back to the sacred grounds with the Holy Grail itself.
I just don't see a way out of this crazy sun-worshiping cult.
I feel that I'm stuck for life with all their brainwashing methods like making us sing this song every-time the opposition gets killed -
But it could be much worse.
At least my family is not tied up with Satanic cults like these -
They are even trying to appeal to
our Sungod, those dirty sinners
Obviously a Masonic cult with
 that checkerboard flag;-)
I know a certain ukulele player who belongs to that last bunch of lunatics, so I should be careful what I say about those f#@King nutcases;-)
He was right into the Mayan Calendar thing, take a look at this song that he wrote.
I just hope he didn't go sacrificing his family to that great tongue - poking god of theirs;-P
 Sorry Alex, but I just couldn't help taking the piss when I saw the symbol of the sun/my football team.
Seriously though, (and I'm not making a reference to the star system that my other football team worship;-) Alex's blog is really worth the visit.
There is some very good reading to be had over there -
 and once more for the road -

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