" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 12, 2016

Dick and Roberta Sutphen Interview Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer®

Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer®

I found this podcast conducted by the Sutphens by an interesting chain of events.
Please join Dick and Roberta as they interview Mark Anthony, who has just written a new book, EVIDENCE OF ETERNITY . EVIDENCE OF ETERNITY is a #1 Amazon bestseller in three different categories and is selling out in bookstores nationwide. 
It is Book of the Month March 2015 for It is on the cover of Leading Edge Review, received a great review in Infinity Magazine, Publisher’s Weekly with more to come. 
I had just finished reading Lyall Watson's great book 'Dark Nature'in which Watson praised Rupert Sheldrake's work on the "morphic field".

Original Sin?

I then went over to the Synchrosecrets blog and read the latest post there -
Endorsements – i.e., Blurbs
The MacGregors had written, 
"Our book Sensing the Future, A Field Guide to Precognition, will be published on January 3, 2017. As part of our publicity for the book, we’ve been writing to various authors who books have contributed to our knowledge, whose books we enjoy, asking if we can send them a PDF of the book in early August.   If they enjoy the book, we would be delighted to have them blurb it."
"We also contacted Rupert Sheldrake. Ever since reading his Presence of the Past in the late 1980s, we have been big fans of everything he writes. He’s a British biologist, a visionary A few years back, TED talks banned his talk from you tube.
Nature magazine called his work “infuriating … the best candidate for burning there has been for many years.”"
Dear Rob and Trish,  
Thanks for your email and offer of sending the PDF of your book in due course. As Pam says it’s very unlikely I’d be able to read it, and I never endorse books I haven’t actually read. However I would of course be interested to look through it given that it’s close to some of my own interests.
Best wishes, 
Rupert Sheldrake
Trish then goes on to write in that same post about an author who basically wanted them to write a paper on why this author should give their book an endorsement. 
Trish didn't name the author but told me who it was in an e-mail, let's just say that my response was something like, "What the Bleep! (not a bad movie either by the way;-), you don't say"
 One of the comments by a reader on that post told how she wasn't impressed by Dick Sutphen and his foul language when she attended a talk and read a few books of his (I could probably teach Dick a few words he has never heard before, I bet ;-), which made me think of the hypno tapes I once owned of his when cassettes were the "in thing". 
Trish asked as to whatever happened to Dick Sutphen and so I Googled his name and found his Facebook site where he had posted this interview he and his wife had done with Mark Anthony.
I listened to it and was rather impressed, so much so that I ordered Mark's book right after listening to the podcast.
Oddly enough, Mark talks about the same psychopaths that Lyall Watson writes about in 'Dark Nature', such as Jeffery Dahmer and Ted Bundy.
Lyall Watson passed away in 2008, so he knows for himself whether there is life after death.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Daz! I'll be at Megan's this weekend and will have time to listen to this interview. Let me know what you think of Marc's book. And thanks for tracking down Sutphen!