" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 8, 2016

I Sat by the Ocean

I had never been on the deep ocean in my life before, until crossing the Bass Strait on a car ferry to get to Tasmania from the mainland of Australia via Melbourne, so I didn't know what to expect.
Map of Australia with Bass Strait marked in purple

Map of Bass Strait including major island groups
In fact, I had never set foot in the state of Victoria until the same day I was to catch the Spirit of Tasmania across the Bass Strait, as well.

Driving in fog as I cross the Victorian border

A few minutes later I'm driving in sunshine
My first impression of Victoria as I crossed the state border from New South Wales was that the weather is as bad as Crowded House sing in their song written about the changing weather in Victoria's biggest city Melbourne.

Driving down the Hume Highway to Melbourne

My car's odometer hit 11111 as I crossed over into Victoria.
Driving down to Melbourne was quite relaxing watching all of the farmland pass me by, but hitting Melbourne and driving around was the exact opposite, especially when trams are sharing the same streets, something I don't have to worry about in Brisbane, or Sydney.  

Driving around the Melbourne streets watching out for trams
But once I got to the seaside streets of Port Melbourne my nerves settled a little, especially when I caught sight of the boat I had to be on that night, which was docked and waiting in the water.
The traffic islands down here actually look like real islands
The streets of Port Melbourne

Spirit of Tasmania waiting in dock to sail to Tasmania that night.

My car parked outside a strange little house in Port Melbourne
I had nothing much to do for about five hours but wait until I could drive my car onto the boat, so I parked my car by the ocean and bought a $12 all day parking ticket and walked around thinking how different Melbourne is to either Sydney, or my hometown of Brisbane.

Great walking and bike tracks along the foreshore of Port Melbourne
Interesting buildings down here in Melbourne
The old stuck between the new
I would have liked to have seen more of Melbourne that day, but seeing Melbourne was not as important as getting on that boat to Tasmania, so I would have to wait for my return in a weeks time to see more of the city.
I Sat by the Ocean waiting to board the ship
'I Sat by the Ocean' randomly comes on first time today as I drive on-board
Driving onto the Spirit of Tasmania 15/6/2016
You don't realize how big this boat is until you drive up next to it
The lifeboats hanging over the outside decks frequented by smokers
I spent about an hour
in line with other cars waiting to board the Spirit of Tasmania and  just sitting by the ocean pondering just what was in store for me over the next few weeks on the road and just after the gates opened for us to start moving onto the ship the 
Queens of the Stoneage song 'I Sat by the Ocean' came on my iPod's random selection of 162 of the songs I had on it, which I found rather ironic, as there are two of these ships and they pass each other around 1am, so they are ships that pass in the night, just like in the song 'I Sat by the Ocean'
Inside the hull of the ship and my car stays here for the night

On the outside deck on the back of the boat watching the lights of Melbourne disappear

Moving away from Melbourne and out into Bass Strait
Looking over the edge of the boat into the cold water as seagulls chase the ship out to sea

It's a long way down and cold, time to head inside I think.
It's much cozier inside, but I don't think I should eat anything big tonight.
Cabin fever?
They even have one-armed bandits on this thank you, not for me
Goodbye Melbourne
Hello Tasmania
Oh great, more fog, this time on the Tasmanian highway
I love those Tasmanian number-plates, 
"Tasmania, Explore the Possibilities".
No seasickness crossing the Bass Strait for me, so now it's off to Hobart and time for Dark Mofo
Going With the Flow in Devonport on My Last Day in Tasmania

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