" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 19, 2016

Sex X, Death + and Hot Pink 806

86? To kill something? 0,The Void?
After recently visiting  MONA (Museum Of (Old And?) New Art)  
and picking up the book 'The Making of MONA' , I read that the hot pink on black colour scheme of the logo came about because, fluoro hot pink (official number 806) is associated with sex - lipstick, sex shops and their fluoro neon signs.
MONA: Sex X and Death +
The MONA "logo" X+ represents sex X and death +
Hot Pink 806 is the carnival version of pink for sex according to the book.
'The Making of MONA' also states, "Whatever we might think about sex shops, they're one of the only areas of popular culture that publicly promotes sexual pleasure and exploration, something long censored in hypocritical, prudish polite society.
MONA's branding places everyone in the that experimental, sexualized space of arousal on the outer edges of public acceptance"
I have to admit that I have only been into a sex shop once in my life to have a look around and while I don't have a problem in the sexual my mind anyway...I find sex shops quite trashy and more of a turn off than a turn on.      
Moorilla Gorilla?
Moorilla is MONA's wine label and winery on the MONA site, if you were wondering about the Gorilla with the attitude pictured above.

'The Making of MONA' also states that , the black symbolizes death, but also suggests the cover of darkness, a world of secrecy away from surveillance and the constraints of daylight.
It's not black, it's void?
I found all this rather interesting, especially with the hot pink number being 806, because it suggests to me an 86 with a 0 in the middle of the 8 and the 6 ... 0 being a void (nothing) in my way of thinking.  
 Plus, to 86 something is to kill it in slang terms, so 86 is a number associated with death and killing.
Agent 86 from 'Get Smart'?
So maybe the hot pink colour 806 does match the black of the void and death in a way.
806? seX
But getting back to the hot pink and sex, I found a pink pill with 806 stamped on it that is, "...used in the treatment of vaginal yeast infection; candidemia; oral thrush; candida urinary tract infection; tinea versicolor (and more), and belongs to the drug class azole antifungals."
RX 806 (Fluconazole 200 mg)
Sex? Menstrual cycle? MOONA?-) 
It’s Not Night: It’s Space - Bowing Not Knowing To What (2012) (Full Album)
I also see that David Walsh is talking about relocating the spotlights from the 2013 Dark Mofo to MONA maybe for use in the solstices to beam into the night sky.
But let's not forget David that It's Not Night It's Space.
Maybe this is a band to bring over to MONA for a gig in the solstices? 
Because .. It's Not Night, It's Space.
It's Not Night, It's Space
Clown physics
Sidney Nolan's Snake at MONA
Maybe David Walsh should check out 'It's Not Night, It's Space' 's video clip 'Painted Serpent' by clicking the red link below and taking a look and then maybe considering to fly these guys over from The States to play Dark Mofo sometime?-)

It's Not Night- It's Space-Painted Serpent

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