" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 20, 2016

The Conjuring, Too?

When I was in Port Arthur, Tasmania, I took a photo of a chair that gave me the creeps ... mind you I had seen 'The Conjuring 2' the week before, which is basically about a haunted chair, more or less, but still, this chair creep-ed me out, so I took a photo of it.
The Owls Aren't There Anymore It Seems
This Asian kid ran across the room to his parents as I took my shot, which kind of pissed me off as I wanted a shot of an empty chair in the room that looked empty to give it a creepy lonely effect.

But it creep-ed me out more when I saw this shot on my computer screen because in the photo it looks like the kid just has white eyes like those kids in the movie.
I have not tampered with the shot in any way, and if you blow the image up you can just make out a fraction of his pupil in the top of his head.
But I just thought it was a coincidence that the kid's eyes appeared to be rolled back in his head when he ran in front of me as I was taking the shot, and this really gave the chair that creepy feel in my mind.
Normal room lighting
Shot of the same room with my flash on
Another room in the same house that gave me the creeps
But here is the weird thing, I met a family from my hometown of Brisbane in Armidale, New South Wales on my way home who wanted me to take a photo of them in front of a building in Armidale, when we were on a bus tour together.
One of the family members from
Brisbane I met in Armidale, NSW
We got to talking and I told them I had been to Tasmania and that I had visited Port Arthurand that I thought the place was eerie.
The mother in that group then told me about a chair that you weren't supposed to sit in, but she did, and she said that a force pushed her out of it.
I said to her showing her the picture of the chair I suspected she was talking about, if this chair I photographed was the chair, and she looked stunned and said that yes, that was the same chair.
I knew then that the feeling I had was not just from seeing a movie about a haunted chair.
Port Arthur is known as the most haunted site in Australia, not only that, but some nut-bag went on a shooting rampage there 20 years ago killing 30- something tourists in Australia's worst gun massacre and a few strange things happened to me on the two days I was there.

Nothing like what happened in the movie 'The Conjuring 2', but enough to get the feeling that something was having a bit of fun with me.  
 After I walked out of that house, I went to the church that had been gutted in a bushfire in the late 1800's after the convict settlement was closed and the church was never re-built.
And here was the part of Port Arthur where I suspected an entity was having fun with me and really pissed me off.
As I was walking up this road to the church, I could hear a crow call and then one flew out from the bush on the left-hand side and landed on the middle point of the nearest wall.
I couldn't believe this crow would land in a perfect spot on the church for me to grab a great shot, so I snapped a shot off and then tried to get closer hoping the crow wouldn't fly off until I got a better shot.
But the crow stayed there like it was happy for me to take it's shot, and I lined it up in my iPod screen and was so happy that this was going to be the shot of the whole trip, because it looked so Gothic and eerie.
But when I hit the button on the iPod nothing would happen, so I hit it again and again and again, but nothing happened.
I pleaded to the crow not to fly off while I tried to get this shot taken, but the camera wouldn't go and my temper was going through the roof, as I knew I was not going to get the shot that I so much wanted.
The crow sat patiently for what seemed like a long time, but my f#cking iPod would not work.
Then the crow finally flew off and I cursed the missed photo opportunity hoping maybe the crow would loop around and come back to the middle point, but after five minutes I gave up, because the park was closing soon and I had to go up and check in for the ghost tour, ironically enough.
Looking up here after realizing my camera was
 working now, I suspected a presence there
The next shot I attempted to take worked fine first go, which pissed me off even more now.
 And I felt like whatever it was that stopped my iPod from working was in this area of the tower having a great old laugh at my anger of not getting that shot, because I had counted my chickens too early thinking what a great shot I had before pressing the button and making sure I had the shot.
I took over 1,300 shots on my road-trip and this was the only time the iPod wouldn't work for me.
But what was worse was when reviewing this shot above to see if the iPod had captured the shot alright, I realized that I had cut the top off the distant shot of the crow on the high point of the tower and he couldn't be seen, so I had no shot of the crow at all, to my disappointment.
You could probably have fried an egg on my head at this point.
This is where I smelled the church incense wafting through the air
Then as I'm walking across the bridge back towards the entrance to the Port Arthur historical site, I smell church incense wafting through the air, which takes me back to those lovely memories of sitting in church on Sundays and smelling that wonderful smell.

But then I thought to myself where is it coming from then?
There was a small church downwind from me, so I suspected it must be coming from there, so I went to check out that church, but there was no smell here and being a Monday I doubt anyone had burned incense today anyway.
Monday night on the ghost tour
looking back at the church tower
That night on the ghost tour, the guide told us that a woman's spirit has been seen standing in the lit-up area of the tower I took a shot of, but that there is no floor for her to stand on anymore. 
I took the guide aside as we walked on and told him of my crow story, and he said that people often report their cameras not working in that church.
I then asked him if incense was burnt around that area and he looked puzzled and said no.
The bones of a killer whale in the Eden Whale Museum
The funny thing is though, when I was staying in the town of Eden and went to the Whale Museum and told the lady selling the tickets about my trip to Tasmania and Port Arthur and my crow story, she told me her camera wouldn't work in that church when she was trying to take photos.

Now I knew I wasn't imagining things. 
I'll have another post about Port Arthur full of photos, of the place in a later post that I'll write soon, but that's about all the strange stuff that happened to me while I was there. 

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