" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 24, 2016

A Walk Through Centennial Park and Then Off to the Football

That pavilion does look like a UFO come to think of it
I always wanted to check out Centennial Park in Sydney for myself if I ever got the chance, after watching all the things Halfasheep pointed out in his video about the park, and I've got to say that I wasn't disappointed either. 
You can watch Halfasheep explain his theories about the park in his rant video if you click on the link below - 
Occult day out in Sydney (pt 3) A 2am rant. A bit tired but wanting to just talk
I didn't really plan on visiting the park on my trip to Sydney, as I was there to watch my football team play in a semi-final pretty much across the road from this park and as luck would have it on my birthday too.
And the stadium was right behind the Kooza tent from where I saw the Cirque du Solei show from the night before -
Cirque du Solei, Hermeticism, Kooza and Shamanism
And I did see the Rugby League statue referred to in the above
You Tube by Halfasheep's mate and there is a synchronicity I will share when I come to it in the chronology of my walk, but lets start back at the beginning ... the Meriton Serviced Apartments in the Sydney suburb of Zetland.
See my last post about the Meriton Apartments by clicking on this link -
Meriton Sync
That will help me to keep this post a little shorter having less photos to post and giving you a sense of where I'm literally coming from as I walk to Centennial Park in Sydney and to the football stadium to see my team win a semi-final against the Cowboys to really make my day ... and eventually year/life.
My Happiest Birthday Ever
I didn't really know where Centennial Park was until the Thursday I arrived in Sydney and found a brochure with a map of the surrounding area of the Meriton Apartment I was staying in.
Not only did the brochure inform me of where Centennial Park was in relation to my room it also pointed out a bar called,
'The Village Crow' just down the road and on my way to the football stadium, which I took as a good sign and to have lunch there before heading off on my walk.
Weird thing was that when I had my birthday lunch there on Friday I found out an N had been added to the bar's name and it was now called 'The Village Crown'.
My birthday lunch at 'The Village Crown' before setting off on my walk
Looking back in hindsight now, my team would be crowned NRL champions for the first time in club history which was about two years short of the time I had been been born.
Read this post to get a better picture ... or pictures of what I mean -
Yesterday's Heroes
Which sends goose bumps through my skin now then I realize on the day I was almost killed in a highway accident on my way down to see my team play the same team they were playing in the semi-final on my birthday, a crow was there to greet me outside the
Cronulla-Sutherland Rugby League club.
There where cars parked on top of tree roots all along this Randwick street
After lunch I crossed the main highway, which heads to Cronulla-Sutherland, oddly enough and walked through the streets of Randwick for the first time in my life, which was kind of special to me as I had grown up following racehorses because my late father (who had passed away 10 days before) loved racehorses and would take me as a child around to all the Brisbane racetracks, most times with my grandmother (his mother, my grandmother) coming with us to the track.
Randwick was always this mythical racetrack I would see on TV monitors on the Brisbane tracks, always too far away to seem part of my world, as a child of the Brisbane racetracks.
I would have loved to have attend a race meeting at Randwick, but whether my team won or lost, I had to be in Canberra buy Saturday afternoon, so that was off the "to do" list.
I got to walk the perimeter fence of the Randwick Racecouse and get glimpses of the racetrack, but I knew I would have to come back sometime in the future to get a real glimpse of this track.
There is a normal sized duck swimming past to give you an idea of how big those fish were
I had to cross a bridge from Randwick to get into 
Centennial Park and saw the biggest goldfish that I had ever seen in my life and then realized that they were probably Koi fish.
The Koi and the Dragon
"The story of the koi and dragon goes a little something like this: the koi has to fight his way up a waterfall and has to pass a wooden gate to turn into a dragon.
In stories passed down for generations, the Koi is said to have climbed the waterfall despite the current pushing it back.
As a result of this it has become a symbol of bravery and the Japanese have claimed that if it is caught, it does not move an inch before getting cut open.
While these fish are widely honored in Japan, the folklore story has come from China.
Legends claim that any Koi which can successfully swim through the Yellow River and make it past the Dragon Gate will be magically transformed into a majestic dragon.

One of the lakes in the middle of Centennial Park Sydney
Centennial Park is like Sydney's version of New York's Central Park, it's a massive park right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city.
White cockatoos near the rails of the horse riding track in the park
There are walking/jogging/bicycle and even horse riding tracks in this park.
It's quite a big park really and you don't even feel like that you are still in the middle of Sydney, it's like being in the country somewhere.
There is even a road running through the park it is so big.
"Grand Drive is the circular main road through the park. 
It runs for 3.8 km and was part of the marathons course used in the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Sydney 2000 ParalympicGames. 
The drive is separated into five concentric circles, with the outer track used for cycling or rollerblading, fourth largest for car driving, third for car parking and many trees, the second is a paved pathway for walking, also used for running, the smallest being a dirt track for horseriding."
The Federation Pavilion (the UFO;-) in the distance
There is even a bird sancuary in the park, which unfortunately is closed to the public.
Now when I see an emu, like on the gate above, I think of the Milky Way galaxy.
See the post in the link below to get what I mean about the emu and the Milky Way -
There is still plenty of bird life to see around the park outside of the bird sanctuary though.
There is even a memorial made with bells.
Doors ... of perception?
And here pictered below is the fountain that Halfasheep points out in his video about the esoteric things he considers about the park.
Occult day out in Sydney (pt 1) Churches, Chakras, Snakes, Sex & Surf
And on the day I was there some arsehole had thrown an Eclipse tin into the fountain.
UPDATE: December 5th, 2016.
It took me a while to realize that in my most hit post by far ... pardon the pun ...
Storm Season Starts in Brisbane
I write about my youngest son finding an owl in an old Eclipse tin and giving it to me.
I still have that owl hanging up to the right of my computer.
The funny thing now in hindsight was that we would both be watching the football team we support win their first ever grand final against the Melbourne Storm from some of the best seats in the house and shaking hands with nearly every player in the team after the game.
This would happen a little after a week from my walk through Centennial Park.  
My youngest son next to me on grand final night, 2016
Pictured below is the football statue which Halfasheep explored in his videos at the top of this post.
I found this football statue very personally synchy, as this statue was commissioned by the Eastern Suburbs Junior Rugby League club and the Centennial Park Trust.
My team the Sharks had finished high enough on the table to host a home-ground semi-final, but our ground was deemed too small to host a semi-final, so we had to play at the home-ground of the Eastern Suburbs (Roosters) Rugby League Club and within a little over a week's time my club would win its first ever grand final after being in the NRL competition for 49 years.
And I like how the statue is surrounded by lions, as the team I follow in the AFL football compitition is the Brisbane Lions.
And on a synchronistic note, my father was born on the exact same day that the Brisbane City Hall was opened, which is featured in the Halfasheep video below.
The Federation Pavilion I found rather personally synchy too, as it encloses the Commonwealth Stone (1901), and is significant as the site of the official ceremony to mark the Federation of Australia and the inauguration of the Commonwealth of Australia on 1 January 1901.
My grandfather on my mother's side was born in 1901 and died a few months before I was born and he was a Master Mason in the Blue Lodge.
The Commonwealth Stone in the Federation Pavilion 
But the weird thing to me was the Federation Pavilion now seems to be in the middle of an unofficial dog park where people let their dogs off the leash and let them run wild. 
And having been bitten by a dog when I was young I had second thoughts of wondering out to take a look at the pavilion when I had a football game to see that I didn't want to miss if one of these dogs decided to take a bite out of me.
But, I tried to put my cat person fears behind me and walked out among the dogs and to the pavilion to take a closer look.
I have to say that I liked the roof of the pavilion, as there were patterns on it that I could really relate to.
My avatar for this blog
And that "flying" silver disc on the roof reminded me of a prism breaking the white light into the colours of the rainbow.
Maybe this dome is like some kind of  a spiritual metaphor for a reverse lighthouse?
What do you say to that Halfasheep?
On my way out of Centennial Park I saw this sign about furniture that was coming and I hoped that it wasn't going to be that crappy Swedish kind;-) 
I then left the park and headed off through the backstreets to watch my team play the Cowboys at the Roosters home-ground, even though it was meant to be our home game.
Looks like this map is pointing out my "true north" to me;-) 
True North (Star)?
I noticed there was a statue of  the late Johnny Warren outside the stadium ... but I'll bet that's another whole new "rabbit hole" to explore;-)
My Happiest Birthday Ever

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