" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 15, 2016


Yesterday I went and saw a movie that I was going to put off seeing for a few days, to a couple of weeks.
That movie was 'Arrival'.

To be honest, this movie looked like it was going to be a fizzer to me. 
But this movie is so deep I think that I need to view it at least another three times to really get it.
Forget about trying to communicate with aliens, because as anyone who has a Facebook account would tell you, communication on this planet is a real minefield/mind-field.
I would hate to see how an alien would go with a Facebook account on this f#cked up planet.
Does the American flag fly backwards on American military uniforms?
This movie is mostly about language and me anyway.  
And I like how it was released on the 11th of November, which is Remembrance Day in my part of the world, where we remember the fallen in wars past.
 ...and take morphine for the pain and to forget;-)
The other film I saw today was Mel Gibson's brilliant  movie, 'Hacksaw Ridge'...and there was plenty of morphine dished out in that movie.
I only went and saw 'Arrival' after reading a post about this film from a website that I respect, called 'The Daily Grail'
Movie Review: Arrival
All I can say about .'The Daily Grail''s review is that if you promise 'SPOILER ALERTS' then please give us some.
Maybe the 'The Daily Grail''s review is referring to the book the movie is based on, which I have not read, and is considered a spoiler alert?
But 'Arrival' is a film worth seeing on many levels, IMO.
I was listening again to Kelly Carlin's interview above when I was writing up this post and I was stunned that as soon as the word "language" came into my head, Kelly said at around the 47 minute mark, "by learning to "language it" and finding words to express it, it moves it beyond the body, it becomes logos, it becomes a thing that is concreteized, and then can be understood in that way.
Sometimes it's not words though, sometimes it's movement, or dance, or painting, any kind of active imagination process where you can just express, and sometimes it's non-verbal, if you can get it to words, that's great too, but..."
Curious George?
Shark Week in the Year of the Monkey
I know that I have to buy a copy of Kelly's book now with all these banana syncs in the 'Year of the Monkey' that I've been having.
And if you love comedians and this planet as much as I do, then check out another late great comedian's material, Bill Hicks.
Let's hope we can get past this monkey stage in our evolution.
And go see 'Arrival', you won't regret it if you get it.


Dennis said...

What was the trip of the Alien pods needing a weapon? What was up about the 3,000 year message, next contact? Having mastered Time travel, what could we offer the Tentacles? Went to a Cinemark in Eugene Oregon, damn quiet after movie ended. 87

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Like I said above, I probably have to see the movie another three times to really get it, but my take was the word "weapon" was a miscommunication between the humans and the aliens.
I think it had something to do with what was written in the introduction of Lisa Bank's book (which I'm not sure about and one reason I need to watch the movie again now that I know what will happen...just like Lisa;-).
The irony is the mention of the word "weapon" almost caused the humans to go to war with the aliens, which I doubt the humans would have been able to anyway, as the aliens would have had far superior technology to the humans...and besides the aliens said they were more or less guardians and why they were here and probably were here 3000 years ago, too.
So the heptapods were trying to help bring a fragmented world (our world) together by placing 12 pods around the world in an effort to get us to work together in communicating between ourselves before we blew ourselves and the planet to pieces.
The threat to the planet wasn't from the aliens, it was from our own internal conflicts and miscommunication and projected fears towards one another, not just between nations, but individuals, as well, men/women, black/white, east/west, religions, etc.
In other words the threat to the planet wasn't the monoliths that appeared in the sky , it was the apes running around the planet with their eyes wide shut, that didn't know how to communicate with one another properly still after all of these years of "civilization".

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

That should be 3000 years into the future in the above comment, even though in the movie the aliens say that they need our help for some unknown reason.
Check out this You Tube for a good wrap up of the movie -
ARRIVAL(2016) Ending Explained -