" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 17, 2016

There is NO Team in I? ?-)

I listened to the podcast linked below last night where Noah Lampert interviews David Silver about pop culture and watching and following a sports team.
Synchronicity – Ep. 6 – David Silver
I liked this pod-cast quite a bit on many levels, because if you've been following my road-trip posts on my blog this year you would be aware that I only went on those trips because of the football team I have followed, watched and supported for most of my life.
My team the Sharks winning their first grand final this year
Watching my team play at our home-ground this year
Watching my poor old AFL team the Brisbane Lions lose another game this year
I can really sympathize with David Silver when he talks about watching his favourite EPL team Manchester United play, as I follow Tottenham Hotspur in the my sympathies to David for following a club not as good as mine;-)  
I also find this podcast rather prophetic because when Noah asks David who he thinks will become president he says Trump.
And I thought it was ironic when David says at around the 55 minite mark, "you can't have somebody pulling out a gun and shooting each other, if they don't agree with each other, which might have been the case a couple of hundred years ago".
Hang on, didn't I hear on the news over here in Australia that someone shot someone at a polling booth on election day in the USA?   
Synchronicity – Ep. 56 – Donald Trump + The Future
And Noah's latest podcast is about his thoughts as he laments a Trump victory in the election.
In my last post about the bird calendar I bought -
Is 2017 Gonna be a Year for the Birds?
Dennis asked me in a comment what synchronicities meant to me and I replied with this comment, "Over the years of writing this blog I've come to see synchronicites on two levels, level one, personal synchronicities which really only talk to my life experience, such as the rainbow lorikeet being on the month of October in the calendar the same month my father-in-law passed away with all the seemingly impossible rainbow lorikeet syncs going on like some "there's more to life than what you can see from down there" to us left behind in the "real" world.
And then there are the level two synchs, which I call pop cultural syncs, which involve not just me but large sections of the world's population (of which I'm also a part), such as the things I write in posts like 'The Blair Walsh Project', where the Minnesota Vikings player Blair Walsh (who shares the same birth-date, but different years to David Bowie) missed a crucial kick for his football team and became an anti-hero (remember Bowie had the hit-song 'heroes') to the fans on the same day that David Bowie passed away.
I see synchronicities as little moments in my life as assurances that my greater sub-conscious self (which is hooked into the great super-consciousness of the universe, just like everybody else's is) is sending my little conscious self jabs to pay attention and to open my eyes just a little wider and follow the bread crumbs it's sending me, as that trail is probably the way I should go in my life, but it's more than just heading on a journey, it's taking a good look around me and taking note of what I see and who I meet as I head forward on the journey and just how all that connects me to the world and other people I meet on my journey and how they are connected to the world through their journey through life.
Life is a team sport and each one of us are mere players in the game and have our own unique part to play in that game (I hope I don't miss a crucial kick like Blair did in my game though:-) twist an old Shakespeare quote;-)
I believe synchronicities are like a personal (and sometimes group) GPS, telling us you are here, turn left there, now go here, read this, see that, etc.
And it works best through your heart and emotions, because you feel joy and a sense of wonder and peace when you are on "the right path", even though your rational mind might be telling you WTF are you doing, this is nuts?
It is what I guess people mean when they say "follow your heart"."

Synchronicities: Part of a Giant Universal Rube Goldberg Machine???
Give me team sports to watch any day over individual sports, not that I won't watch them, but I prefer the drama and karma of team sports.
I never thought my season would end up here high-fiving the coach

UPDATE: 18th November, 2016
David Silver returns to Noah's show for another interesting chat in episode 42.

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