" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 29, 2016

Me and My Shadow Visit Berrima

My shadow in the main street of Berrima, N.S.W, Australia
On my last road-trip after leaving Sydney the day after my birthday
My Happiest Birthday Ever
I stumbled across the town of Berrima quite by accident on my way to Canberra.
I had planned to stop 75 km down the road in Goulburn to get petrol, something to eat and have a look around Goulburn, which I also did -
Goulburn: A Walk in the Park in the Home of the Big Sheep
But Berrima was an unplanned stop and a town that I knew nothing about.
It's just that my bladder had other plans and my petrol tank was running a little low, so I pulled off the highway and headed for Berrima in search of a petrol station.
Old Berrima Gaol

Berrima Court House
Stocks in the main street of Berrima
There was no petrol station in the town of Berrima, but at least there were public toilets to my relief...pun intended. 
The town of Berrima I soon found out is known for it's historic gaol and courthouse and when I walked up to the courthouse to snap some pictures I saw that there was a sound and LIGHT show called 'Treachery, Treason & Murder' about Lucretia Dunkley, the only woman to be hanged at Berrima gaol.
"Minor courts continued at Berrima until 1873. 
Notable trials were of John Lynch, who was hanged for the murder of at least nine people, and of Lucretia Dunkley and her lover Martin Beech who were both hanged in 1843 for the murder of Dunkley’s husband. 
Their trial is simulated in the present-day museum courtroom with realistic manikins and an audio commentary.
Dunkley was the only woman to be hanged at Berrima gaol."
Sounded interesting, but I didn't really have the time to go in and look around, as I had other things planned for the day.
I went to walk into what I thought was a tourist attraction, but found out was a functioning prison.
"The correctional centre was used most recently as an all-female low-to-medium security prison.
In the 2011 NSW State Budget, the Government announced that the centre would be closed, which took effect on 4 November 2011.
The Centre is scheduled to re-open in September 2016."
My damn shadow is always trying to get into the picture
Now, the funny thing is I wanted to write a post combining all of the photos I took in Berrima, which are all of the ones pictured above, but I didn't know how to put them all into an interesting post without going here is the courthouse, here is the goal and here are some nice purple flowers growing in the grass of the park in the main street.
It wasn't until I was listening a You Tube about Jungian Analytical Psychology on "The Shadow" in the background as I was about to crop my shadow out of a photo of purple flowers for my post about my trip to Berrima, that I had an "Aha!" moment and realized I should make this post about the shadow self and what better things to have in a post about the shadow self if I also put in those You Tubes I was listening to.
When I included the You Tubes, the photos I took in Berrima and all the metaphors the photos represented about my shadow, it soon became a much better post.
Especially when I found out that,
"the name Berrima is believed to derive from an Aboriginal word meaning either "southward" or "black swan"."
A Black Swan Event in Canberra
I saw a pelican defending itself from a black swan in Canberra
But aside from the shadow side of Berrima...and myself, there are some great little shops in this tourist town, one being 
Mrs Oldbuck's Pantry, where I bought a delicious jar of marmalade, some fudge and a honey pot.
For Rosh Hashanah 2016/5777
I also had a look through a shop in Berrima called 
Sprinkles of Berrima, which can be seen in the You Tube above, which is a shop that sells Christmas themed things all year round. 
Which I find a bit creepy at the moment, since I'm reading Joe Hill's novel 'NOS4A2' about a creepy place called Christmas-land.
Which reminds me that it is nearly time to put the Christmas tree up once again, and while there is no chance of snow in my hometown of Brisbane it does appear it has come close to a white Christmas a few times in Berrima.
Well, I've certainly learnt a bit more about Berrima and my shadow self while writing this post.
I just hope Santa thinks that I've been good enough this year;-) 

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