" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 11, 2016

CU in the NT?

Could a swear word breathe new life into the Northern Territory tourism industry?
'C U in the NT' tourism slogan causes social media stir
"It is an unconventional strategy but there are signs it is paying off for the mystery creatives behind the "C U in the NT" logo.
The controversial design surfaced online late last week and it has rippled across social media and generated international coverage.
It is not affiliated with the government body Tourism NT, which, along with other industry groups, has been working to boost visitor numbers and spending which have lagged behind other states."
I saw this question posed in a recent news article and for me it was perfect timing, as I had just moved house for the second time in just over a year and decided it was time to get rid of the books in my bookcases that I would probably never read again, as I'm sick of carting heaps of heavy boxes around every time I move house...which could be quite often from now on, I suspect.
The book as it sits on my bookcase today

One book that I've always had an ambivalence about was the book pictured above.
I really liked this book and thought Inga was right in what she had written and I agree with her that the word holds too much shock value in today's society and when you really think about it...why?
It's a word that has as much power and shock value as society wants to give it.   
What is so evil about a woman's vagina anyway, no matter what you call it?
You know what Shakespeare says about a rose, don't you?-)  
If Miley wanted to really turn heads, then there is another word she could have used;-)
How mad is the world when the worst word you could ever possibly say in "polite" social society is a word that describes the gateway that delivers us all (barring cesarean section) into this screwed up world?
Tell me, why is that slogan "too rude"?
I was thinking of getting rid of the book, as I didn't think I would read it again and I didn't want someone coming through my front door and seeing the book on my shelf and thinking I was some Donald Trump type of guy when it came to women and their lady parts.
I think this tongue in cheek campaign about the Northern Territory is brilliant on many levels and especially about taking back the word C#NT  (I don't even have the guts to spell it properly in this post for fear of being labeled a Donald Trump...I mean pervert;-) 
At least in my c#ntry;-) (Australia) we aren't as prudish about such a word as the rest of the world, but we have a long way to go yet.
The NT, the Northern Territory of Oz
I've been doing a lot of traveling around Australia this year, but this campaign made me realize that the Northern Territory is one place that I really haven't given much thought about traveling to, but it is a place that I really want to see soon, and I have 
a mate living in Alice Springs who I haven't seen for a while, so it would be nice to drop in on him in the next 12 months.
I guess the word is either black or white for most people in the western world when it comes to hearing it said in a conversation, but I say just ask yourself why is it so offensive?
And if you think it is that bad a word then all I can say is "grow up you stupid c#nt";-)
Now here is a weird twist on the books I was planning on throwing out, I really didn't like Leonard Cohen's 'Book of Longing' and had given it a pretty big bagging on Amazon a few years ago after I had read it.
"If you're a Leonard Cohen fan (which I kind of am, which is why I bought this book) then you'll probably like it a lot more than me, but all I kept longing for was another book to read.
There are some good poems, but there is a lot of repetitive themes and mediocre poems as well.
At least it's given me confidence that even I could write poems just as good, if not better.
Thanks Leonard, but I'll stick to Bukowski for my poetry."
It was in the box of books I was going to give away to a secondhand bookshop in an effort to lighten my load next time I moved house.
I wasn't really sure that I wanted to give it away, but I didn't think I would read it again, so I flicked through it looking at the drawings in the book, which were my favorite things about the book and why I was torn about giving the book away.
I came across a tin mug he had drawn in the book, as I was looking at the tin mug I had bought from the Australian War Memorial in Canberra on my first visit to Canberra this year. 
The metal cup sits on the top shelf on a stand next to my bookcase in the living room.
My metal cup that I bought in Canberra

The poppy in the tin cup I bought in Canberra

The other side of the page from the tin cup illustration
Now Leonard and I are both from a Jewish bloodline and last night I went to see a movie called 'Denial' which opened the  
Jewish film festival in Brisbane last night.
"Acclaimed writer and historian Deborah E. Lipstadt must battle for historical truth to prove the Holocaust actually occurred when David Irving, a renowned denier, sues her for libel."
Lizard Dreaming?
My grandmother's brother was a war hero in Italy and I used to look at my "uncle" Frank's war medals a lot when I was a kid, even though I was never into army stuff that much.
He had given his medals to my Grandmother to keep, as I think he may have had PTSD when he got back home and was trying to distance himself from the war.
He ended up going to the Northern Territory and running a pub in  
Tennant Creek for years, until retiring to Cairns before passing away in the early 90s.
My Grandmother's brother, uncle Frank to me
As far as I'm aware Leonard passed away on the 10th of November in the USA, which is the 11th of November in Australia, since we are a day ahead of The States over here in Australia.
 Although, some sites on the net are saying that Leonard passed away on the 7th of November, as well. 
Either way, the news of his death reached me on the 11th of November over here in Oz.

The Thin Red Line by Harold H. Piffard from Canada in Khaki showing red poppies separating the war and peace

Royal British Legion poppy
The 11th of November is Remembrance Day in Australia, where,

"(sometimes known informally as Poppy Day) is a memorial day observed in Commonwealth of Nations member states since the end of the First World War to remember the members of their armed forces who have died in the line of duty. 
Following a tradition inaugurated by King George V in 1919, the day is also marked by war remembrances in many non-Commonwealth countries. Remembrance Day is observed on 11 November in most countries to recall the end of hostilities of World War I on that date in 1918. Hostilities formally ended "at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month", in accordance with the armistice signed by representatives of Germany and the Entente between 5:12 and 5:20 that morning.  
("At the 11th hour" refers to the passing of the 11th hour, or 11:00 am.)  
The First World War officially ended with the signing of the  
Treaty of Versailles on 28 June 1919."
Poppies in Oz?

Well, it's been a weird week to say the least and I've decided to keep Leonard's 'Book of Longing' and give it another read through to see if I've missed something the first time I read it.
I might have to watch,'The Wizard of Oz' again now, since that c#nt...I mean Trump is soon to be behind the curtain in the White House;-)
 That was a joke, so why so serious?-)
Rest in peace Leonard and peace is what I wish for the world, so let's hope Trump doesn't blow it in his term in the White House. 

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