" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 1, 2016

Signs and Symbols?

The Diamond Theorem?
The other day I took my keys out of my pocket and a bit later when I was taking the loose change out of my pocket I found the diamond charm had come off the key-ring I have had for years.
It was the second charm to set itself free over the years, the first was an 8-Ball charm which came off the key-ring a while back and I never did find it again, and that one was my favourite charm and a main reason I bought the key-ring in the first place.
Seventy-Seven Sync
The diamond was my least favourite charm and I had thought about just throwing it in the bin when it fell off, but a niggling thought inside my head convinced me to hold on to it. 
So I kept it aside in a coin bag that I keep my loose change in. 
The diamond shape in the middle of my number-plate
I realize that the diamond charm is meant to represent the diamond shape on the playing cards suit of diamonds, but it still didn't appeal to me as much as the other charms on the key-ring.
A great magazine I picked up at the BBWF this year
I like the idea of life being a gamble...although over the years I've come to see it as anything but.

I went to the website 'Watching the Watchmen' where a blogger has collected a group of blogs by bloggers (including mine) who blog about synchronicity and related subjects.
On that list there is a blog called 'Log 24', which to me mostly flies right over the top of my head, but the day the diamond charm fell off my key-ring was the day this blogger had written a post titled, 'Diamond-Theorem Application' .
This got my attention, but me being a high-school drop-out, theorems may as well be written in Chinese for me.
I wondered just who this blogger was and what his blog was meant to be about. 
He was obviously a guy named Steven H. Cullinane, but just who is he I wondered? 
A retired systems analyst is what I gathered.
Sounds more impressive than a forklift driver between jobs, which is how I could probably describe myself if a job you did defined you...which I don't believe it does.
The Diamond 16 Puzzle of Steven's intrigued me on some unconscious level, but on a conscious level it was beyond me.  
What did get my attention though was this diagram pictured above, when I clicked on a link to Steven's post titled,  
'Jung and the Imago Dei'.
"From Jung's Map of the Soul, by Murray Stein:
""... Jung thinks of the self as undergoing continual transformation during the course of a lifetime.... At the end of his late work Aion, Jung presents a diagram to illustrate the dynamic movements of the self...."

"The formula reproduces exactly the essential features of the symbolic process of transformation. It shows the rotation of the mandala, the antithetical play of complementary (or compensatory) processes, then the apocatastasis, i.e., the restoration of an original state of wholeness, which the alchemists expressed through the symbol of the uroboros, and finally the formula repeats the ancient alchemical tetrameria, which is implicit in the fourfold structure of unity.
What the formula can only hint at, however, is the higher plane that is reached through the process of transformation and integration. The 'sublimation' or progress or qualitative change consists in an unfolding of totality into four parts four times, which means nothing less than its becoming conscious. When psychic contents are split up into four aspects, it means that they have been subjected to discrimination by the four orienting functions of consciousness. Only the production of these four aspects makes a total description possible. The process depicted by our formula changes the originally unconscious totality into a conscious one."

-- Jung, Collected Works, Vol. 9, Part 2, Aion: Researches into the Phenomenology of the Self (1951)"
Today I saw Steven had a post titled, 'Best Costume Design' with this quote -
 "So, how do we sift truth from belief? 
How do we write our own histories, personally or culturally, and thereby define ourselves? 
How do we penetrate years, centuries, of historical distortion to find original truth? 
Tonight, this will be our quest."
Robert Langdon, symbologist, in "The Da Vinci Code."
Not that I put a lot of value in Dan Brown's mix of fact and fiction in his novels.
It was the clip of Landon's talk about symbols that made me realize that I should finish reading Jung's book, 'Man and His Symbols', which I had been reading a few weeks ago, but got distracted by the events of my life.
I guess life has a way of communicating to us all through our own personal symbols and what they mean to us personally.
There is a 7 on my key-ring as well and my life path number is 7, so maybe I should keep hold of that diamond charm and put it somewhere safe?-)

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