" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 3, 2018

42 Minutes Episode 296: Bernard Beitman: Connecting With Coincidence

42 Minutes Episode 296: Bernard Beitman: Connecting With Coincidence
"Dr Bernard Beitman, the first psychiatrist since Carl Jung to systematize the study of coincidences, and the author of Connecting With Coincidence.
Topics: Chance, Geography of Coincidence, Gary Schwartz, Serial Coincidence, Pathetic Fallacy, Sink, Simulpathity, Jung, Synchronicity, Probability, Psychosphere, Squire Rushnell, Winks, Statistics, Radom, Bias, Human GPS, Correlation, Fate, Symbolic Pointers, Love."


  1. Thanks, I'll check it out :) You got me into "New Thinking Aloud" a little while ago and i've been binge watching since, cheers Brizdaz :D

  2. Yeah, "New Thinking Aloud" is a great show Greg, which is why I like to give it a plug every now and then, as Jeff like most of us woo-woo guys just seems to do it for the love of putting the information out there for people to make up their own minds about it.
    And I know Doug at '42 Minutes' is the same and doesn't make a brass razoo out of the show, which is why I like to plug his show, too.
    Doug's a real trooper and I feel guilty that I turned down an offer to be on his show years ago, but I don't do podcasts, because what I want to say is written on my blog anyway.