" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 21, 2018

Sacred Signs and Symbols or Just Coincidence?

I wrote about an owl video I saw at the 'Hidden Experience' blog and a kookaburra that made me take notice of it in this post -
In that post I wrote about Dr Bernard Beitman's podcast show Connecting with Coincidence and today I was listening to one of his latest shows with Sherrie Dillard.
CCBB: Sherrie Dillard - Intuition's Link to Synchronicity
I was listening through the iTunes site that the podcasts are on and I noticed this podcast with Sherrie was released on the
4th of January, 2018.
I also noticed that the owl video was captured on the
4th of January, 2018, as well.
And Sherrie's book 'Sacred Signs and Symbols' has birds on the cover.
A connection or a coincidence?-)
"Sherrie Dillard is an Internationally renowned psychic, medium and medical intuitive.
Sherrie Dillard is the expert at helping others to develop and understand their intuitive and spiritual gifts.
She has given over 50,000 readings worldwide and has been featured on radio and television for her innovative books and her work as a psychic detective, medical intuitive and
The author of the best-selling Discover Your Psychic Type, You are a Medium, Sacred Signs and Symbols, and four other books which have been translated into eight languages."
"Sherrie has developed the popular and easy way to understand and develop intuition through psychic types.
Sherrie has a M.Div. in New Thought pastoral counseling and Metaphysics.
She has taught intuition development classes at Duke University.
Her passion for the fusion of intuition, spirituality and conscious self-growth has made her a popular speaker and teacher at retreats and both nationally and internationally."
CCBB: Dr. Bernard Beitman, MD
Maybe I'm just crazy after all?-)
Like a fox that is;-)
I just found out that there is a song called "Kookaburra", by the Cocteau Twins, released on their EP Aikea-Guinea, so that might be a bit of a worry.
I also found out that there is an English band from the County Durham named The Kookaburras and that Durham, North Carolina has been Sherrie's home for the past twenty-five years.
By the sound of those guys I'm sure glad those Kookaburras from Durham don't live in my neighbourhood;-)

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