" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 12, 2018

Masks That Men Wear?

Podcast 103 | Masks
I listened recently to two podcasts about men wearing masks, one podcast though was a about a guy wearing a real mask.
And I had actually met David in real life a number of times in 2016, including at the 2016 NRL Grand Final, which the Sharks won.
But I had no idea who was in that outfit, or even if it was the same guy or gal, until I read and heard all of these stories last week about David and him being the man inside the MC Hammerhead mascot.
My view of MC Hammerhead at the kickoff 
in the
2016 NRL Grand Final
The funny thing is that I started following the Sharks fanatically the same year that David did, 1978, and he has way more Sharks stuff around his house than I do.
So, he is like the opposite of a miniamalist when it comes to all of the Sharks memorabilia he has accumulated over the years.
#23: Up up MC Hammerhead
"I guess the thing I really had to learn was: it gets quite claustrophobic in that mask," Ninness said.
In the Minimalist podcast about masks, the guys had on the show with them as a guest an ex-footballer named Lewis Howes who had written the book 'The Mask of Masculinity'.
MC Hammerhead celebrating the first
NRL final win for the Sharks ever
The man of the match for the grand final was Luke Lewis, too.
 Man of the match that night Luke Lewis
I also thought it was a coincidence that the young lady that appears in the podcast photograph used by the ABC radio station below was the same young lady who was sitting a few seats away from me on grand final night and a few seats away from another guy dressed up as a shark with body-paint and a metal fin.
I'm pretty sure that's the same young lady
in both photos, so what are the odds?
And last Monday in the news was this story of a real Hammerhead shark killed in shark nets just down the road from my hometown.
Death of endangered shark prompts calls to remove nets
I guess something is getting hammered home here to me.
Me (red ring) about to shake Luke Lewis's
hand after the
2016 NRL Final
Maybe I need to get myself a mask?-)
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