" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 2, 2018

Slow TV and Armchair Travel?

I bought two editions of the now defunct 'Slow' magazine (sales must have been too slow I guess:-) at the 2017 Byron Writer's Festival and in the winter edition was an article about slow reality TV, where people like to watch knitting, fishing and people riding in trains.
Oddly enough, I was halfway through watching the new
'Twin Peaks' TV show when I first read the "slow TV" article in 'Slow' magazine and the slow pace of the new 'Twin Peaks' series was driving me crazy at first, especially when the character of Dougie Jones entered the series, but I decided to treat watching the show as a form of visual meditation and then the show became more enjoyable to me when I dropped my expectations.
Lynch and Frost obviously made the pace of the new series deliberately excruciatingly slow and dreamlike, but I started watching the series again recently knowing what was going to happen now and the pace of the show seemed to be no where as slow as I remember it being the first time around.
And it was only (pun intended) when I got to the end of that article in 'Slow' magazine and noticed the name Caroline Baum that I realized I had met the author and still had her book to read.
So I'm going to have to switch off the TV, sit in my armchair and travel mentally through the pages of Caroline's book slowly in real time.
If only I had more time;-)
Caroline Baum (second left) at the BWF talk 'My Family and Other Tramas'
My family: trauma is just the start
I was in the audience above to hear Caroline and the other panel speakers in 2017.
"The three authors sitting on the stage shared a common bond.
They all grew up with parents who were affected by appalling trauma.
Journalist and author Caroline Baum and Roger Cohen, a New York Times columnist, wrote their parents’ stories while

Henry Rosenbloom, founder and publisher of Scribe, published the memoirs written by each of his parents.
The panel shared the stories of their parents with a photograph from each of them.

I only realized today that Caroline had interviewed Alice Walker in 2014 along with Archie Roach, who I've also met.
Sunday at Boomerang
Caroline, Archie and Alice in 2014 (not my photo)
Alice Walker in conversation, Sydney Writers' Festival 2014.

I was only just looking up information about Alice Walker this morning wondering why she was ranked 7th on the 2016 top 100 list of 'Mind Body Spirit' magazine.
I knew Alice wrote 'The Color Purple', but I didn't know much else about Alice, but I do now.
I also now know it's an even smaller world than I thought before writing this post...and a slower one, too.

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