" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 4, 2018

Australia's Biggest BBQ for 2018?!

Australia's largest privately-owned abattoir gutted by ferocious blaze
I just saw this news story above about a massive fire that burned through the largest abattoir in South Australia yesterday.
Hey, I'm just watching the wheels go round here, so don't blame me;-)
Magda Szubanski has a new movie coming out in Australia early this year called 'The BBQ', where she plays "The Butcher" and teaches a guy named Dazza how to cook a proper BBQ to try and beat the champion French cook Andre Mont Blanc, played by real life French TV cook Manu Feildel from My Kitchen Rules.
And of course I'm also a Dazza.
Manu Feildel
I wrote a recent post about Magda Szubanski being on the first podcast of the year that I listened to -
I also wrote a post about eating meat and my change to a mainly Vegan diet yesterday, too -
Like I've written before, I'm NOT a Vegan, I'm just doing it for my own health mainly and I did break my diet for Christmas Day to eat prawns (shrimp to American readers) while everyone one else was enjoying the BBQed foods on the day, so I have to wonder just what that plate of shrimp at Christmas meant since eating it;-)
Murray Bridge abattoir fire emits 'burning rubber' stench, causes uncertainty at town's largest employer
Rebecca STOKES? Fire?
And while on the subject of burning rubber smells and big fires happening this week, the city of Liverpool in England, where Magda Szubanski was born had a massive car-park fire, too - 
Liverpool car park fire destroys more than 1,000 vehicles, photos reveal aftermath
"UK police have released eerie images of a Liverpool car park that was engulfed by a massive fire on New Year's Eve, destroying more than 1,000 vehicles.
Merseyside Police said all cars left in the 1,600-capacity car park were destroyed and the Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson put the number at "upward of 1,000".
Nearby residents, who were told to keep indoors to avoid the thick black smoke that billowed from the complex, reported hearing loud bangs as cars exploded up to 10 hours after the fire started.

Plate of shrimp ... or just all coincidence?-)

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