" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 20, 2018

"Synchronicity is the face of a deeper level of inter-connectivity" Tony Vigorito

I read a post at Mike Clelland's 'Hidden Experience' blog where he referenced this You Tube clip of an owl and fox encounter at the Cobourg Marina in Canada.
Owl and Fox Meet
Mike has a reputation as the owl guy and to say that he is obsessed with owls would be an understatement, plus he has two books about owls out to prove it.
I'm not much into owls as I am into other birds like crows, magpies, butcher birds, kingfishers and kookaburras, but I do see owls as a rather shamanic symbolic bird, and I see the fox as a Trickster type of shamanic animal.
I've had Tony Vigorito's quote about synchronicity placed over an image of Vanessa Valencia's masked owl on my sidebar of my blog for years.
Vanessa Valencia is One Talented Artist, Living Through Her Wonderful Creativity
Mike wrote in his post -
"A snowy owl and a red fox were caught on a security camera on January 4, 2018 in the town of Cobourg Ontario.
The full video is 3:23 minutes long, and every second it amazing (at least to me)."
3+2+3=8 and to me an eight is just an upright infinity symbol.
Card 8/Infinity?
But it was when Mike mentioned another symbol in his post that he reminded me of another guy who is into synchronicity and had written a book on the subject, which I have read a while ago, and that author wrote about what I thought was the same symbol Mike was writing about.
Eight/Man and His Symbols/Jung/Popular Culture and the Collective Unconscious

Mike also wrote in his post -
"But one detail stood out to me, this encounter took place in front of the Greek letter Phi.
I suspect is nothing more than a stylized bike rack, but the symbol has a second meaning.
Phi is also used as a symbol for the golden ratio (or golden section)."
The sculpture in the garden of Chris Mackey's practice
I remembered Chris Mackey being obsessed with what I thought was the Phi symbol and having it on a sculpture in the gardens of his practice, so I wrote a comment on Mike's blog post in case Mike or his readers were interested in checking out Chris's book and website -
"There is a guy named Chris Mackey who is a clinical and counselling psychologist and Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society with 35 years’ psychotherapy experience who has that Phi symbol embedded in his logo because he likes it that much.
He also has a sculpture in the garden of his practice with the
Phi logo at the top of the wheel.
He wrote a book called
'Synchronicity' and he does a bi-monthly [that should have been fortnightly] radio show about synchronicity.
You can check out the shows and his logo at this link if you are interested -"
Psi symbol on a sculpture
Chris Mackey's practice
I later found out though that it was the Psi symbol Chris was obsessed with, but there is a Phi symbol at the top of the wheel sculpture in Chris's garden.
Is that a Phi in the logo?
Chris Mackey's Synchronicity Interview with Mitch Foy
Chris Mackey
While looking around on Google last night to back my mistaken claim up about the Phi symbol in my comment to Mike, I stumbled onto some radio interviews Chris had done on a Geelong radio station -
Synchronicity on radio
I listened to the four interviews for the first time last night, which I found interesting, but it was what Chris had written on that page that caught my attention -
"Synchronicity is a phenomenon whereby we encounter coincidences that are very uncanny and personally meaningful.
Some coincidences seem so uncanny and so meaningful that they suggest that some events are meant to be.
They point to an underlying order or pattern in the universe beyond what we might ordinarily see.
They point to connections between ourselves and others, as well as between our minds and the natural world around us.
They can shape our life path, nudging us toward our destiny.
July 2016 we have had a segment on synchronicity on 
The Catch-Up, on 93.9 Bay FM radio in Geelong, currently every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month, with myself, Roxie Bennett and Daryl Reader.
After today’s final segment for 2017, it will likely return in late January."
The Tripadvisor logo is a pair of owl's eyes, too:-)
Now as I'm listening to Chris on these radio slots I'm trying to find where this Cobourg Marina in Canada is and to try and find out what that Phi looking sculpture is in the owl/fox video.
I didn't find out what the Phi thing was, but I had to laugh because Roxie Bennett the radio DJ was telling Chris about all of the threes in her life and how three was her life-number.
The address of the Marina is on 103 Third Street, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada.
The last four numbers of the Cobourg Marina phone number are 2397.
The 23rd of September (23/9) is my birthday and 7 is my life-number.
But wait, there is a lot more because Chris writes on that page -
"I have since learnt, to my delight, that there is another radio program on synchronicity conducted by the American psychiatrist Dr Bernard Beitman, who is a visiting Professor at the University of Virginia.
He has written a book called Connecting with Coincidence, and he has blogs, podcasts and other information on synchronicity at his Connecting with Coincidence website.
You might be interested to access his podcasts via this link (access podcasts here).
I strongly recommend Dr Beitman’s podcasts, which I have been greatly enjoying.
He interviews many people who have authored excellent books on synchronicity.
So far I have enjoyed listening to his interviews with Joe Jaworski and Trish and Rob MacGregor, who have described terrific examples of how synchronicity can seem to act as a form of “intuitive GPS” in guiding us to helpful action.
I have just started listening to his interview with Dr Gary Schwartz, who is especially interested in patterns of repeated numbers in his personal life."
I had to laugh when Chris wrote that Dr. Beitman's interview with Trish and Rob MacGregor was one of his favourites, because it was Trish who kept pestering me to start writing a blog of my own, which I never really wanted to do, but did when a bird flew into my window years ago and the only way I could share those photos to my synch-head mates whose blogs I was following and I had been in contact with, was to start my own blog -
The Bird that Flew into the Window
Trish was the first one to leave a comment on my blog, too.
Trish also made the comment that she thought the kingfisher was a kookaburra, which is funny now, because yesterday when I was driving home a kookaburra flew right over me and my car going in the same direction I was and landing on a lamppost right across from my driveway.
I had my cell phone camera with me and took some photos of the bird before it flew off, but I don't often see kookaburras around my home, it's usually only my crows, magpies, butcher birds and cockatoo friends that drop in on me.
The kookaburra who flew over my car and
landed on a lamppost across from my driveway
Kookaburras are a rare sight (although I do hear them at ungodly hours in the morning sometimes) around my home and I often think of them as Tricksters coming to have a laugh at my expense.
Hamilton/Cobourg, Ontario, Canada
But here is another synchronicity that ties into the owl video of Mike's because as I'm listening to Dr. Beitman's interview with Trish and Rob MacGregor, Dr. Beitman says at the start of the interview that his show is coming through from HamiltonOntario, Canada.
I thought WTF(?) and wondered if that was anywhere near Cobourg, Ontario, Canada.
Turns out there is a town named Hamilton within walking distance of where the owl and fox tangoed at the Marina.
UPDATE: This is the Hamilton
where the radio station

is and
not the other
right next to Cobourg
Fifteen minutes into that podcast owls are mentioned, and Dr. Beitman says the word omen came from a word meaning bird.
Just watching the wheels going around
 in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada?
Oddly enough, I found out that a waterfront festival is held right across the water from the Cobourg Marina in July every year and I found the pictures above of a Ferris wheel (just watching the wheels go round?) and a spaceship ride called 'Starship', which kind of ties into Mike's interest with the UFO phenomena and owls as screen memories.
Vanessa Valencia's artwork
I also found this blog-post about the waterfront festival of Cobourg's and it features a guy walking around with an owl on his arm -
Destination: Cobourg Waterfront Festival, Ontario, Canada
Cobourg Waterfront Festival
A part of 'ALCHEMY' by Brett Whiteley
ALCHEMY by Dire Straits
"And the birds up on the wires and the telegraph poles
They can always fly away from this rain and this cold
You can hear them singing out their telegraph code
All the way down the Telegraph Road

All of ALCHEMY by Brett Whiteley
In Chris Mackey's last radio segment on the site of his radio interviews Chris brings up a movie he had just seen on the now deceased artist Brett Whiteley.
How Brett Whiteley found his purpose
I had heard the name, but wasn't really familiar with Brett's work, so I Googled him and found the kookaburra above, which is a part of the much bigger artwork of Brett's called 'Alchemy'.
'Alchemy' is also the artwork on the cover of the Dire Straits album cover of 'Alchemy: Dire Straits Live'.
I noticed the run time of the album was 93.59 and Chris was on 93.9 BayFM Radio;-)
I also found this picture above of a kookaburra of Brett's on the net.
Brett found a rubber thong (flip-flop for Americans) on the beach and made it into an owl artwork.
I find Brett's art very shamanic, and the story Chris Mackey tells in the podcast about Brett finding a book about Vincent van Gogh in a church when Brett was thirteen and feeling a sense of destiny seemed very right in hindsight.
I liked this picture above of Brett's considering that I replaced my 2017 owl calendar for a 2018 seascape calendar -
2018 and that Sinking/Synching Feeling?
I also found the story at the Bay 93.9 website about the Richmond supporter who got a tattoo on her leg BEFORE the Richmond Tigers had won the 2017 AFL grand final very brave, foolish and synchronistic to this post I'm writing, because the year I got my tattoo on my arm AFTER my team had won the NRL grand final I was down in Melbourne to see my team the Brisbane Lions play the Richmond Tigers at the MCG on my way back through Melbourne from Tasmania, which I wrote about in this post -
Reflections and Refractions of Richmond
Shamanism and Footy?
Oddly enough, there is a footy club in Melbourne named the Coburg (not Cobourg like the Canadian owl town, but close) Lions, which used to be named the Coburg Tigers when they were a feeder club to the Richmond Tigers.
At the Crossroads of Tigerland?
The Dragon Wagon at the Cobourg waterfront festival
So, does all this "synchronicity" mean that my life is on the right track?
I found a picture of the "Dragon Wagon" when looking for pictures of the Cobourg waterfront festival and since I was born in the Chinese 'Year of the Dragon' I hope that is a sign that I am on track to where-ever life wants me to go.
19.02 – MU Podcast
Listening to the latest 'Mysterious Universe' podcast while working on this post today and with all their talk about dragons and DNA I'd have to say that might be another good sign that my own life's "Dragon Wagon" has me on track.
But then again, the owls are never what the seem, are they?-)
If The Owls Aren't What They Seem, Then What IS The Message?

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