" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 22, 2016

20(16 Miles?) U.F.O/O.F.U and Sneaky Sound Synchromysticism?

The other day I saw a post from the Daily Grail blog about an old music video for the band 'Sneaky Sound System' that 
Red Pill Junkie had starred in called UFO.
Sneaky Sound System - UFO
"Before he was famous, Red Pill Junkie was an extra in a music video for Australian band Sneaky Sound System, appearing in their aptly named track 'UFO'. 
Is this where it all started for our paranormal superhero? 
The synchronicity is uncanny! 
He also plays a mean game of Scrabble."
The word "scrabble" got my attention, as I was reading Joe Hill's book NOS4A2 where he writes about a character in the novel who uses a magic scrabble bag to select scrabble tiles to get prophetic messages by spelling out the information from the beyond.
The girl with the scrabble tiles gives the star of the novel, Victoria, two scrabble tiles to wear as earrings, an F tile and a U O tile though;-) 
F U buddy?! UFO?
In the novel Victoria rides a Triumph motorcycle to track down the villain who rides around in a car with a sneaky sound system that only plays Christmas tunes through its speakers.
A pink Kek/Pepe in the room?! At least it wasn't an elephant, I guess:-) 
Oh, there's the elephant in the room, now I see it;-) 
I started to see elements in the novel NOS4A2 and 'Sneaky Sound System's UFO video that seamed to be alluding to the year 2016, a Donald Trump win and maybe the death of the Starman in the year 2016 ("16 miles from home"?), plus references to Bowie's album 'Diamond Dogs'.
Joe Hill's dad, the master horror writer himself even confesses that he is scared to death of Trump.
A falling starman and three diamonds?! Diamond Dogs?! 16 miles from home?

A "Diamond Dog" collar on a "Sweet Thing"?!
"Diamond Dogs is the eighth studio album by English musician David Bowie, released on 24 May 1974 on RCA Records
Thematically, it was a marriage of the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell and Bowie's own glam-tinged vision of a post-apocalyptic world. 
Bowie had wanted to make a theatrical production of Orwell's book and began writing material after completing sessions for his 1973 album Pin Ups, but the author’s estate denied the rights.
The songs wound up on the second half of Diamond Dogs instead where, as the titles indicated, the Nineteen Eighty-Four theme was prominent."
"Though the album was recorded and released after the 'retirement' of Ziggy Stardust in mid-1973, and featured its own lead character in Halloween Jack ("a real cool cat" who lives in the decaying "Hunger City"), Ziggy was seen to be still very much alive in Diamond Dogs, as evident from Bowie's haircut on the cover and the glam-trash style of the first single "Rebel Rebel".
As was the case with some songs on Aladdin Sane, the influence of the Rolling Stones was also evident, particularly in the chugging title track.
Sweet Thing with a diamond dog colar in a doorway? 2017
Elsewhere, however, Bowie had moved on from his earlier work with the epic song suite, "Sweet Thing"/"Candidate"/"Sweet Thing (Reprise)", whilst "Rock 'n' Roll with Me" and the Shaft-inspired wah-wah guitar style of "1984" provided a foretaste of Bowie's next, 'plastic soul', phase."
Bowie's most commercially successful album, Let's Dance, has also been described as plastic soul.
'Plastic soul', phase?
Turns out that the motel the UFO clip was filmed in is about a 45 minute drive from Brisbane, where I live.
It was filmed in Miami Shore on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, not Miami, Florida, like I thought.
So Red Pill Junkie was a long way from home when he filmed this clip.
Miami Shore Motel top red circle, Mt.Warning bottom red circle
Way further south than Mexico, you might say;-) 
The Book of Life/Passport to Magonia/The Super Natural
And that motel is only a short drive from Mt.Warning, as well.
Riders on the Storm?
Mt.Warning, New South Wales, Australia
And the movie 'Mental' wasn't filmed to far away from the UFO motel either.
Why I Think 2016 Has Been a MENtal Year
Sweet Thing?
""Sweet Thing" or "Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing (Reprise)" is a suite of songs written by David Bowie for the album 
Diamond Dogs
Recorded in January 1974, the piece comprises the songs "Sweet Thing" and "Candidate" and a one-verse reprise of "Sweet Thing."
In the opening line, "Sweet Thing" contains the lowest note Bowie had recorded in a studio album
(C2) until "I Took a Trip on a Gemini Spacecraft" for the album Heathen (2002), where he growled the word "Well" (G1) towards the end of the song."
"The original vinyl album ended with a juddering refrain Bruh/bruh/bruh/bruh/bruh, the first syllable of "(Big) Brother", repeats incessantly.
"Sweet Thing" was Bowie's first try at 
William S. Burroughs' cut-up style of writing, which Bowie would continue to use for the next 25 years."
Disco and Mexicans?!
Is that kid doing a Donald Trump impression?-) 
"At the time of its release Bowie described Diamond Dogs as "a very political album. My protest ... more me than anything I've done previously"."

O F U?
I can now see why you guys farewell the 'Sneaky Sound System' off in no uncertain terms at the end of the video RPJ, because they have that Trump kid with them in the backseat of the car:-)

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