" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 11, 2016

The Hindsight of Drinking Strawberry Wine While Eating Chocolate?

I had never drunk strawberry wine before in my life until one night in Canberra when I went to the supermarket to buy some milk for my next morning's breakfast to have on my cereal.
I then saw a bottle of strawberry wine in the alcohol section when I was looking for something to drink that night.
"Last night the street collapsed on itself
In fact, it broke right in two
And I fell in
The strawberry vines
Into a pool of strawberry wine
Strawberry wine and clouds
Burning in the desert, surrounded in flowers
But the stems break the armor
And the morning comes
Until it's all just the same things again
Oh god

Don't spend too much time on the other side
Let the daylight in

Before you get old and you can't break out of it
My old friend
'Cause it's getting winter, and if you want any flowers
You gotta get your seeds into the ground
And I worry about you
Why? Because you want me to

Can you still have any famous last words
If you're somebody nobody knows?
I don't know

Made in Germany?!
I also bought a chocolate bar to eat with the wine.
I wasn't that hungry that night after a day exploring Canberra and I was feeling a bit melancholic with my father's recent death and other family troubles plaguing my thoughts, so I decided that I would just go back to my motel room and drink the bottle of wine and eat the chocolate bar and call that dinner for the night.
Do You Ever Get the Feeling You Are Being Watched?
Some street art I found that day in Canberra
The funny thing was I didn't notice the wine was from Germany until I got back to my room. 
I knew that there was a German Club right across the road from my motel with a piece of the original Berlin Wall, which I would visit with my son later in the week.
My father's side of the family were secular German Jews who emigrated to Australia way before the two world wars began and as much as I like the German people and culture I always feel a bit apprehensive eating in a place like this.
But it was a great night out and if you go to Canberra check it out for yourself.
Who said that the German Club was too deer?-) 
Mmm...German Beer
The German Club in Canberra
Part of the Berlin Wall at the German Club in Canberra
The chocolate was a brand of chocolate I had never seen before called, 'Million Dollar Bar' and on the front of it was a fake American $1,000,000 note.
I guess buying the chocolate was more to do with wishing that I could come across a million dollars that easy, as my funds were starting to go backwards quickly.
Three road trips in one year without having an income will tend to do that to a bank account I've learned.
Room 216: Chasing the Big Fish
Room 217 was across the hall from my room. The Shining?
And room 237 was down the hall and around the corner from my room
The fake American $1,000,000 note had Allentown, PA on it, which reminded me of a song that another secular Jew (Billy Joel) sang. 
I do own a real American $1 note it that I bought years ago at a local money exchange, so I could check out the artwork on it for myself, because there were rumours of a little owl hidden near the #1 in the top right-hand corner, which seems a bit of a stretch when I blow my photo up.
It didn't look much like an owl to me when I blew the photo up bigger than this photo above
These notes of course have Washington D.C. printed on them instead of Allentown, PA, but after listening to Billy sing Allentown, maybe that would be more apt with the eCONomy being what it is.
But you might want to flip the note over and take a look at the four pillars holding up the "one".
Now they look more like owls to me than the so called owl in the corner.
I also found an old 'One Billion Deception Dollar'  someone had given me with my real American $1 note when I went looking for my money.
And no matter what you might think about who was behind 9-11, these billion dollar notes did become quite prophetic in 2008 in the financial crash, because on one side instead of "In God We Trust" the billion dollar note has "In Fraud We Trust" and didn't the Banksters truly dabble in fraud to the point of getting a bail out in that decade from the people they ripped off, only to rip them off again by lending the government money to bail the "too big to fail" banks out?

The trouble is that the economy is still a house of cards waiting to fall, so maybe I should just spend the rest of my bank account while it can still buy me stuff?-)
Making a Mint in Canberra
Maybe I need a sprig of mint in my Strawberry Wine, to make me healthy, wealthy and wise?-)
Then again, I might just go back to drinking sour grapes with everybody else;-) 


Trish MacGregor said...

When I come here, Daz, I feel like I'm traveling through the labyrinths inside your head. Great stuff that only a Virgo could write!

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

You are.
That's why the blog is called, 'Just Watching the Wheels Go Round'.
Those wheels are mainly the imaginary ones turning in my head like gears meshing a bit like the wheels in a cuckoo clock, to keep with the German theme of the post;-)
And being born on the cusp I tend to identify more with Libra than Virgo, although the traits are probably balanced, now I think about it.