" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 2, 2016

'Glee' and the French Connection

Jane Lynch's name on the opening credits of the movie, 'Julie & Julia'
I had just finished reading Jane Lynch's autobiography which came out in 2011.
Jane Lynch, Mascots and Happy Accidents
It was an enlightening read for me, as while I never was and still am not a fan of the TV show that made Jane famous, 'Glee', I once wrote a synchromystical post about the late 'Glee' star
Cory Monteith after his accidental death and his obsession with going to Paris -
Sharknado Sync
Cory Monteith and Stormy Weather?
What I didn't realize until reading Jane's book is that Jane was born on Bastille Day, July 14th and in the movie 'Julie and Julia' Jane played the sister of Julia Child, Dorothy, and at the beginning of  the movie Jane's name appears next to the Eiffel Tower.
Jane Lynch as Dorothy in the movie 'Julie and Julia'
Cory passed away on the 13th of July, the day before 
Bastille Day and Jane Lynch's birthday.
Life is full of "accidents", not all of them happy it seems. 
Cory Monteith ... Kahill
Life can be one wild ride.
And on a synchy note the sequel to Pacific Rim (the film I wrote about in those linked posts above), 'Pacific Rim: Maelstrom'is going to be shot in my home state and parts of my hometown of Brisbane.
Ironically, the roller-coaster in the theme-park right next to the studio the Pacific Rim sequel is going to be shot in and owned by the studio had this little accident happen in November this year. 
Six rescued from Movie World rollercoaster
"Six people had to be rescued on Sunday after a ride malfunctioned at Australia's Movie World.
The passengers were uninjured but have been taken to Gold Coast University Hospital for a check-up.
The theme park's Green Lantern rollercoaster stopped near the top at around 1pm local time. Firefighters removed the first rider from the carriage just after 

Fire crews used a cherry picker to lower passengers safely to the ride's maintenance platform, where they could then take
the stairs down to the ground.
A statement from the company said the incident was caused by an issue with a wheel.
"Warner Bros. Movie World would like to offer its sincerest apologies to those guests that were involved."Movie World and Queensland Fire have trained for this type of evacuation and we are thankful for their assistance."
The incident comes less than a month after four people were killed on the River Rapids ride at the nearby Dreamworld theme park.

Sea World's Storm roller-coaster stalls, prompting mid-ride evacuation
And let's not forget Seaworld's 'Storm Coaster Ride' stalling in September this year just before the Sharks beat the 

Melbourne Storm in the NRL grand final:-)

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