" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 14, 2016

Riders on the Storm?

"Morrison Delivers Energy Warning"?! Riders on the Storm? Jim Morrison
I had just written a post about the movie 'Mental', the phenomena of "synchromysticism" and 
a tourist killed by lightning on Mt.Warning -
Does Synchromysticism Sound 'Mental' to You?
I used a photo of the front page of 'The Courier Mail' from December 7th, 2016 with the unlucky tourists who were on an 
"Adventure of a Lifetime" in the Year of the Monkey, which all came to an end because of a vicious electrical storm sweeping through the Mt.Warning area and a lightning bolt striking the tree they had tied their tent to.
'The Courier Mail' is a Queensland newspaper printed in Brisbane, my home town.
I had also written another post about lightning featuring Coldplay's song, 'Hymn for the Weekend' -
Lightning in My Blood/Shamanism and Lightning
Oh, and Coldplay opened their Australian tour at Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium that same day that the tourist was struck by lightning on the top of Mt.Warning.
Page 3 of the Brisbane Courier Mail, December 7th, 2016
The North West face of Mt.Warning
Does that look a bit like Mt.Warning to you?
But an old post I had written at the start of the year about a local guy from the Mt.Warning area who got struck by lightning and lived to tell about it featured the Jim Morrison/The Doors song 'Riders on the Storm' -
Chris Mackey's Synchronicity Interview with Mitch Foy
and then I saw the headline on the same December 7th newspaper about the Queensland minister for energy Scott Morrison which read, "Morrison Delivers Energy Warning", which was about the recent storms that blacked out the Australian state of South Australia.
Pages 2 and 3 of the December 7th Courier Mail newspaper
The elephant in the room? 
2016: The Tower Card #16?
The #(20)16 Trump card?
Trump/Tower? Card Number (20)16?
The elephant in the room in the Year of the Monkey?
The drawing of connections in modern culture (movies, music lyrics, historical happenings and esoteric knowledge); and finding connections that could be coming from the "collective unconscious mind"; and finding connections between occult knowledge (i.e. esoteric fraternities, cults and secret rituals), politics and mass media.

"There's a killer on the road?  Page 18 of the December 7th Courier Mail
What are the odds?
Numbers up?! Page 60 of 'The Courier Mail'
Like I wrote in my original post -
Does Synchromysticism Sound 'Mental' to You?
I think when your number's up that it's game over, call it fate, or call it what you will.
There is more to life than meets the eyes, especially when you open them a bit further.
And the skeptics out there might want to get out their scientific calculators and work the odds out for this alignment of "coincidental" events coming together, but be prepared for a meltdown when your calculators go on the fritz.

UPDATE: 19th December, 2016
I wrote to Mat Whitecross, the director of the Coldplay music video, 'Adventure of a Lifetime' asking him about the mountain featured in the clip.
I wrote,
"Wondering if the mountain in, 'Adventure of a Lifetime' was Mt.Warning? I sent pics...".
Mat wrote back telling me, "I found some reference clips from David Attenborough docs - that's what the animators based it on -so it's definitely possible!".
I tried tracking down information about David Attenborough filming around Mt.Warning and found out, "David Attenborough visited and filmed the park (Lamington National Park) while making the 1979 television series Life on Earth in which beech trees and bowerbirds were featured."
The North West face of Mt.Warning
Which makes sense, because that's the sort of angle that you would see it from from Lamington 
Mt Warning

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  1. Great connection with 2016 and the tower card! And in the previous, very bizarre!